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Brushed Aluminum 3D Lobby Logo Stands Out at Los Angeles Engineering Firm!

 Mar 29, 2021

FJ Engineering is your go-to business for all engineering needs. Whether you are redoing your home, need to design a commercial building, or want to work on multi-family dwellings, these experts do it all. When the company decided to outfit its office with a brand-focused brushed aluminum 3D lobby logo in Los Angeles, the management team contacted our sign shop.

Impressive Brushed Aluminum Style Elements Combine for a 3D Logo

Brushed Aluminum 3D Lobby Logo in Los Angeles CA

The client’s brand message is clear. It incorporates innovation, experience, and superior quality. The firm’s online presence focuses less on spelling out the name and more on displaying its logo. The lobby sign had to follow suit.

This sign consists of half-inch-thick aluminum with a brushed surface texture. It is perfectly sized for its targeted display wall. Besides that, it succeeds in taking up a little more than the upper third of the surface. Look closely, and you notice the crisp edges and slight curvatures that signal the brand story’s essence.

Branding and Marketing with Three-Dimensional Lobby Logos

Brushed Aluminum Lobby Signs Los Angeles CA

The office logo display is a proven way of imbuing your space with a brand-focused message. At the same time, it succeeds in advertising your corporate persona. The logo displays frequently – but not always – take their design cues from the lettering that many clients select.

Typical materials for a 3D lobby logo in Los Angeles include brushed aluminum, polished stainless steel, other metals, acrylic, and PVC. Flat-cut construction is a favorite. That said, we can also assist with the design of a fabricated plastic or metal sign. These tend to have rounded edges and may also impress with prismatic faces.

There is often a marked color differentiation between the letters and the logo. Depending on the material you select, our technicians can paint it or apply an imprinted vinyl overlay that features gradient color changes and the intricacies of highly-detailed renderings.

Beyond the Lobby Installation

Brushed Aluminum Wall Logo Signs in Los Angeles CA

While the focal wall in your reception foyer is the most common installation location, some clients order multiple signs. They find that the brand message also serves as a background for in-person or virtual meetings held from the conference room. Besides that, they may request corporate logos for display in meeting and training rooms, too.

Superior Signs and Graphics Helps Local Business Owners Design and Install Brushed Aluminum 3D Lobby Logos in Los Angeles

Because we are a full-service sign shop, we can help you with every aspect of the design process. If you already have a fully developed logo, we work with the specs you give us. When you are still putting together a corporate persona, we can help you with the design and color selection. By the way, we also work with clients who are amid a rebranding.

Next, we help you with the selection of a suitable material and production method. Both add a lot of your brand story to the sign, which makes them essential considerations. Of course, we also handle the installation. Call us today to schedule a consultation and discover how you could stand out in L.A. with the right signage!


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