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Brushed Metal Lobby Logo Signs for Businesses in Lakewood, CA!

 Feb 20, 2023

You may remember the Center for Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine because of our work at the clinic’s Cerritos location. At the time, the client requested a brushed metal office logo sign. Because the clinic is growing and setting up an office at 3650 East South Street, the management team asked us to return and fabricate similar brushed metal lobby logo signs in Lakewood, CA, to create a cohesive presentation across the various locations. 

Combining Black PVC with Brushed Metal Faces for a Stunning Color Contrast

Because we had this client’s specs on file, we could begin the manufacturing process immediately. Our technicians custom-cut black PVC into half-inch-thick letters in the client’s unique font and size. Once these were done, we cut brushed metal to place on top of them. The final step was putting it all together during the installation.

custom office logo wall signs in lakewood, ca

As with the other branch, this clinic had a dark blue focal wall. Therefore, the silvery tone of the brushed metal would be a stunning visual contrast. Besides that, using black PVC as a base material gives the illusion that the letters float just above the surface. It is a great look that particularly appeals to the patients and visitors looking at the signage from the side. 

brushed metal lobby logo signs in lakewood, ca

Cohesive Brand Building Across Multiple Locations

Whenever our clients expand, the need for signage comes with the concern for a cohesive look. Management teams recognize that the look and feel of a sign at one location must be a successful carbon copy of the original setup. Our sign shop agrees and ensures a perfect match. For starters, we keep our clients’ specs on file. Therefore, when they open additional branches, our technicians will produce signage identical to the products they ordered initially.

However, even if we did not design or manufacture the original sign, we can still ensure a display that becomes a logical advancement from the initial setup. To achieve this goal, we carefully measure your signage, work with the specs you might have, match the colors, and ensure an identical spacing of the style elements. In the process, we make the signage fit in with the wall measurements at the new location.

3d office logo signs in lakewood, ca

By the way, matching signage is also a concern if you add new signs to any facility. While many clients outfit a location all at once, there are frequent times when you need to add new products. Examples include changes in office setups, new retail promotions, or added facilities on a larger campus. In the process, there is the concern that the new signs fit in and match the existing style and color palette. Superior Signs and Graphics specializes in adding products that work for your space. 

Discuss Your Next Signage Addition with Our Team

Whether you need brushed metal lobby logo signs in Lakewood, CA, to outfit a second office, want to replace what you already have, or need to put up additional signage solutions in an established space, we can help. Call our shop today to discuss the project!


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