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Showroom Wall Graphics and Dimensional Logos for Offices in Newport Beach, CA

 Aug 28, 2023

We had another opportunity to collaborate with 1:9 Architecture. This time, the work involved showroom wall graphics and dimensional logos in Newport Beach, CA. Moreover, the project had us return to Evolus, a company where we did an elegant lobby logo sign and a huge custom acrylic wall logo. Evolus recently rebranded and now needed signage to reflect the logo change.

custom printed wallpaper and 3D wall logos in Newport Beach, CA

A New Acrylic Dimensional Office Wall Logo Encapsulates the New Brand Identity

Our technicians began with a half-inch-thick acrylic sheet that we used to cut out the logo. We followed the specs forwarded to us by the client. Moreover, we also did a wall wrap for the space with a monitor installed. Interestingly, it cycles from one version of the logo to the wallpaper art and then to the new version of the brand expression. The finished products perfectly underscore the branding changes Evolus undertook.

Using Acrylic for Custom 3D Wall Logos

Using acrylic for interior signs is a popular choice. The material is transparent and mimics glass. Our technicians use it to create a wide variety of signs for indoor applications. 

Wall wraps and graphics in newport beach, ca

  • Standard office signage. Acrylic signs are commonly used for office directories, room numbers, and branding elements such as lobby logo displays.
  • Retail displays. The material works well for store signage to display pricing, promotions, or brand information.
  • Restaurant signage. Acrylic showcases menus, specials, and branding within restaurants, hotels, and event venues.
  • Healthcare venues. We typically use acrylic for wayfinding, room identification, and essential information in hospitals and clinics.

Considering Acrylic? Here is What You Need to Know!

Acrylic is a fantastic option because of its customization options. The material is ideally suited for a broad range of detailed branding expressions. For example, it offers excellent optical clarity, making it a great choice for signs that need to convey information clearly without distortion. We frequently print information on the back of acrylic panels to keep the surface area glossy. 

Another reason why clients love the material is its durability. Acrylic resists shattering, unlike traditional glass, which makes it safer for indoor use, especially in areas with high foot traffic. Our technicians cut it into various shapes and sizes, allowing for unique and creative sign designs. Typically, thicknesses range from a few millimeters up to an inch.

Acrylic dimensional office wall logos in newport beach, ca

You can place high-quality acrylic in bright light; it is typically UV-resistant, which means it does not turn yellow or become brittle when exposed to sunlight. At the same time, it is lightweight, typically not requiring the type of installation needed for metallic products. 

Work with Our Specialists to Unleash the True Beauty of Acrylic for Your Next Signage Products

Whether you need showroom wall graphics and dimensional logos in Newport Beach, CA, a lobby sign anywhere else in the OC, or a set of suite signs in L.A. County, we can help. Besides the usual options, we also offer you choices of frosted or clear acrylic, different colors, polished edges, and various mounting choices. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

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