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Etched Vinyl Window Graphics for Dental Offices in Orange County CA

 Jan 21, 2016

We have a saying. “Etched vinyl is like getting a tattoo – once you start, you find the need to keep adding more!” In fact, seeing the many ways in which this product transforms the look and feel of an office, it makes sense to continue building on the transformation for an amazing look and feel of any venue. Case in point is Harner Orthodontics in Huntington Beach.

Etched vinyl window graphics for dental offices in Orange County CA

Etched vinyl offers a professional look!

We previously worked with this business to design, manufacture and install a lobby sign, entrance door graphics and window graphics. The office’s management team asked us to install the window graphics to the glass partitions that separate the patients’ examination rooms. Etched vinyl now offers them some privacy even as it beautifies the space and gives definition to the rooms and the partitions.

Additional Etched Vinyl Window Graphics for Dental Offices in Orange County, CA

Harner Orthodontics is planning for an open house. Seeing how the etched vinyl created a fantastic look inside the office, the management team called us back to add more of these graphics to their glass panes. This time, we created a vinyl product with a reverse cut logo that we installed onto the front door. The window adjacent to this door also features this type of product. It looks sophisticated, creates a branding opportunity and brings together the look of the façade for a great presentation.

Door and window graphics for dental offices in Orange County CA

Great for doors as well as windows!

What Could Additional Window Graphics Do for Your Office or Storefront?

You may already have some window graphics installed. Great! Yet have you ever wondered how you could further enhance the appearance of your venue with this highly versatile product?

  • Seasonal displays. Celebrate the seasons with full window displays of frosted vinyl with cut out images that signify elements of spring, summer, fall or winter. Changing your window displays every so often is an excellent method for attracting attention.
  • Colorize your look. When you want passersby to really notice you, using colorful vinyl is a good choice. Opt for lightly colored or boldly hued products. We can treat this vinyl like the standard etched look product line.
  • Advertise new products or services. As you add new product lines or service options to your menu, advertise them with additional or first-time window graphics. Frame these announcements in etched vinyl to draw attention to them.
  • Add definition to your space. On the inside, you may have the advantage of working in an open space that features contemporary glass walls. Adding geometric shapes, the company’s motto or your logo to this glass is a good idea for creating spatial beautification. Moreover, treating the glass in this manner can prevent accidental run-ins when associates or visitors do not realize that it is there.
Custom signs and graphics for dental offices in Orange County CA

Need signs and graphics for your dental office?

Discussing Your Graphics Order with an Expert

When you are ready to add more etched vinyl door graphics for dental offices in Orange County, CA, or you want something for partitions that enhance the appearance of your interior setting, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about the broad range of design and display options that etched and frosted vinyl bring to the table.

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