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Glacier Design Markets With New Outdoor and Indoor Signs in Orange County!

 Sep 18, 2014

When you need a signage makeover, Orange County businesses know to call in the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics. Case in point is Glacier Design Systems. Located at 5985 Engineer Drive in Huntington Beach, this company is in the business of selling and leasing draft beer equipment. Examples include keg lifters, draft beer towers and innovative bar accessories. After the company’s management team called us for some help with their signage, we re-did indoor and outdoor markers by adding brand-new graphics. Adding decals for tabletop dispensers, we installed everything to the customer’s specifications.

Acrylic Lobby Sign

Custom lobby signs Orange County

A standout acrylic lobby sign!

Lobby signs for Orange County businesses should be evocative of the company’s niche. In the case of Glacier, we incorporated a wide variety of bar and restaurant logos from satisfied customers. The acrylic board features a layered look. It is offset-mounted to the wall. The company’s name, logo and motto are placed in the middle of the marker.

Exterior Marker

Custom outdoor signs Orange County

Matching outdoor signs aid in branding!

What do you want to accomplish with outdoor signs? In Orange County, you want to attract the attention of passersby and motorists, assist with wayfinding and also highlight your niche so that consumers may learn – perhaps for the first time – what your company could do for them. In the case of Glacier, the outdoor sign accomplishes all of this and more. Set against a silver backdrop, the yellow company name and blue as well as white logo stand out. The tag line contrasts very well with the light color, which makes it easy for consumers to learn what the company does while taking in the logo, which – of course – builds name recognition.

Equipment Graphics

Custom equipment decals Orange County

Custom equipment decals also added!

For Orange County companies that specialize in the manufacture, rental and/or sale of equipment, these graphics allow the businesses to offer personalization and customization to its model looks. We made full-color decals that are protected from wear with a luster laminate. In the case of Glacier, we placed these graphics on a keg dispenser.

Are you thinking of undergoing a signage makeover? Are you wondering just how different you would present yourself to the public if your markers were newer, brighter and perhaps a little different? Talk to our friendly outdoor and indoor sign specialists. We gladly visit you and do an onsite survey to determine the look and condition of your current markers. In many cases, we can work with the signs that you already have on hand.

If you want to completely overhaul your look, we can help you there, too. We discuss the need for permits, any ADA-compliant signage that you need to add due to a signage change and create some drafts of great-looking marker packages that present your business in a whole new light. Once you approve, we manufacture the products and then come out to professionally install them. This is usually done very quickly, which presents consumers with a whole new impression of you once you open your doors the next day. Best of all, this process does not have to complicated or even prohibitively priced. In many cases, small changes have the power to make a huge difference.

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