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Phone Stylist Shines with New Buena Park Mall Signs!

 Sep 16, 2014
Buena Park Tenant Mall Signs

A bunch of letters…

Buena Park Mall tenant signs help store owners to put a good foot forward. Marketing, branding and also directing traffic to the locale, the types of mall signs Orange County businesses demand must be top notch. Case in point is Phone Stylist. In the business of fixing iPods, iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices, this company just opened up a branch in the Buena Park Mall. Vestar Property Management, the mall management team, referred them to Superior Signs and Graphics since they are big fans of our work.

Although Phone Stylist is quite busy with fixing broken phones and glass facings, their corner location in the mall is currently only taken on a temporary basis. Not surprisingly, they wanted excellent markers but not invest too heavily in electrical signage at this time.  This was particularly important since their suite has two frontages that needed signs. Could we help Phone Stylist to look great – on a budget? You bet!

Buena Park Mall Signs for Tenants

…Make for some outstanding mall signs!

We met with the company’s representatives and showed them the other signs we had done in the mall. Next, we suggested some budget-friendly options. The customer chose to go with black foam letters with a purple acrylic face. They asked that both sets would be identical. We worked with the representatives to redesign the business logo a little to make it fit horizontally. Adding a puzzle fit tool icon on the right hand side and an iPhone icon on the left, we successfully tackled the marketing angle.

Foam letter mall signs Orange County

Colorful foam letters help any tenant shine!

We did a vinyl overlay on the iPhone icon to give it more detail. Additionally, we manufactured an exterior 40” x 40” cabinet sign to be placed in the mall, as well as a translucent version inside their suite next to the display cases. The resulting signage combination is attractive, inexpensive and nevertheless perfectly fits into the mall setting where tenants are expected to uphold a high image standard.

Buena Park Mall Retail Store Signs

Point of purchase signs were a must-do!

Are you thinking of opening a storefront at the Buena Park Mall or another shopping center? Signage does not have to be cost-prohibitive. In fact, the use of foam now allows us to create amazingly beautiful and eye-grabbing signs at a fraction of the cost that other raw materials would incur. The foam is rated for indoor or outdoor usage, which ensures that it holds up well to the elements and does not disintegrate. It is easy to paint, which lets us adjust the look to incorporate your colors. An acrylic laminate adds a glossy or matte finish to the front of the sign.

Retail point of purchase signs Buena Park Mall

And, lastly a POS sign on the inside!

While these letters are not illuminated, it is easy to use mall-approved spotlights to cast some illumination on the signs. Of course, in the mall setting, the standard light is usually sufficient. Are you ready to get noticed by your customers and even passersby who might not have thought about buying your products or using your services until they saw your signage? We can help you get the attention you need and deserve. It is easy to blend in within a mall environment. This is where our experienced mall signage experts can help you to tastefully stand out.

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