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Custom High School Athletics Wall Wraps Brand Anaheim Ducks Facility for Orange Lutheran!

 Aug 16, 2021

When we did the custom wall mural for Orange Lutheran last week, we hinted at the project that would be next: custom high school athletics wall wraps. For these, we actually traveled to The Rink in Anaheim. Fans know it as the skating facility where the Anaheim Ducks professional hockey team used to practice.

Taking Over the Space for HS Athletes

anaheim, ca wall murals

The Ducks now practice at a different facility. This left a large locker room vacant, which the school decided to pick up. There is also a coach’s office and additional space downstairs. Seeing that the school has an award-winning hockey team, it made sense to make this move. Another part of the amenities is the upstairs banquet area that overlooks the two pro-sized hockey rinks.

custom designed wall graphics and murals in anaheim, ca

The hockey coach found our sign shop online and saw all the other Orange Lutheran wall graphics that we had done. (In his defense, he does not make it to the campus very often, which means that he could not have seen first-hand the athletics hallway wall graphics we had just installed.) He liked what he saw on the internet and requested that we put the team’s branding in the new facility.

Team and School Pride at The Rink

custom designed door wraps in anaheim, ca

After discussing the plans with the client, we started the project with door wraps. They are downstairs in the locker room. Moreover, we wrapped two sets of double doors and the space above the wooden lockers. With these projects completed, we turned our attention to the concrete block hallway.

hallway wall wraps on brick in orange county, ca

Frosted Window Privacy Film in Anaheim CA

Also, we put logos on the coaches’ doors. We did an 85-foot-long wall wrap for the upstairs, a door frost, and a frost for the bottom two inches of over 20 windows. It creates an excellent ambiance for the space and prevents student hockey players from looking out the windows to see who is on the ice when they are supposed to be studying. Combining form with function is always possible.

Students and Parents Benefit from Having Wrapped Walls and Doors

hockey team wall murals in orange county, ca

Although inexpensive, vinyl wraps have the power to take a space from merely functional to visually stunning. It is a great way of creating the home turf advantage by focusing attention on school spirit and team pride. For parents, the installation of the graphics shows that the school cares about more than just winning. It wants to set the tone for an excellent season.

Does Your Facility Need Custom High School Athletics Wall Wraps?

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Whether you are in Orange County or Los Angeles County, Superior Signs and Graphics can help. We routinely work with administrations from a wide variety of schools to develop graphics with an athletic theme. Besides that, we can also accommodate your fine arts department, music program, theater, or any other subject that needs to have dedicated graphics.

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If you like, we design them in-house and present you with the specs for approval. If you prefer, we can work with the specs that you have already put together. In these cases, we size the style elements before printing for the best look after installation. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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