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Custom Wall Mural Welcomes Guests and New Students to Orange Lutheran High School in Orange County, CA!

 Aug 09, 2021

Superior Signs and Graphics does a lot of work for Orange Lutheran High School. There, the administration has found that a custom wall mural in Orange County, CA, is an inexpensive way of welcoming guests, expressing school spirit, and encouraging learners. Just recently, we returned to the campus for another wall wrap.

The School’s Welcome Center Gets the Vinyl Wall Wrap Treatment

Custom wall mural in Orange County CA

The Welcome Center is an essential aspect of the campus. It is the area where guests and new students enter. Therefore, it is one of the most visible brand-focused spaces the school uses to tell its brand story. To boost its effectiveness, we were asked to replicate the wall wrap our shop previously designed, fabricated, and installed a few years ago in the administrative offices.

custom designed wall wraps in orange county, ca

Even though we undertook this project a few years ago, we kept the specs on file. We do this for all clients to ensure that we can provide them with perfect color and font matches for signage replacements and future additions. After adjusting the product’s sizing to fit the new set of walls, we printed the wall coverings on durable vinyl.

Next, we visited the school’s campus and prepared the wall for installation. The final step was then actually mounting the wall wrap. You will notice the seamless presentation of the mural that looks as though it had been painted on. However, the selection of the imprinted vinyl is much more budget-friendly and precise.

The next project this client has requested is another set of wall graphics and some etched vinyl for the hockey team’s facility.

Explore the Versatility of Murals

wall wraps for schools in orange county, ca

Unlike a paint job that is in place when you move into your storefront, campus, or office, the vinyl mural is entirely custom-designed. As a result, it is an excellent tool for introducing a brand message or continuing a brand conversation. However, there are additional advantages.

  • Size. Customization does not just pertain to the images and words you can feature. It also goes for the size. If you have large warehouse walls, custom vinyl murals are perfect coverings. They can even help with wayfinding by featuring arrows or color-coded stripes.
  • Color palette. Our technicians confidently match any color that is part of your corporate palette. This means that the wall mural fits in perfectly with already existing signs. Moreover, the coverage ability also makes murals ideally suited for companies that are rebranding and want to introduce the new font or hue by going big.
  • Add-ons. There are several ways that clients have augmented the great looks of the vinyl display. Some have opted for the addition of reflective vinyl portions that stand out after dark when a spotlight illuminates them. Another option is the addition of 3D letters for parts of the message.

Are You Looking for a Custom Wall Mural in Orange County CA?

School wall murals in orange, ca

Superior Signs and Graphics designs, produces, and installs any type of custom wall mural in Orange County, CA. Invite our team to visit your location to take measurements, test the wall for adherence, and offer any input you might need during the project’s design phase. Call today!

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