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Custom Designed Wall Wraps for Schools in Orange County Show School Pride!

 Sep 14, 2022

Our shop had another opportunity to return to Orange Lutheran High School and handle a project involving wall wraps and graphics for schools in Orange County, CA. Here is what we did this time around.

School Wall Graphics

Step and Repeat Wall Graphics Greet Visitors to the Nechita Performing Arts Center at the School

Several years ago, we custom-designed school wall graphics in the shape of step and repeat banners for the Nechita Performing Arts Center. These graphics are excellent brand-building tools that serve as photo backdrops. In 2016, we put together the upper entrance wall wraps. Now, we produced another set of murals. We reversed the color palette this time to provide a red backdrop with white lettering. (Look closely, and you will see the wayfinding signs we did for the school as one of our first projects back in 2015!)

Step and Repeat Wall Graphics

Wall Murals for Offices Beautify the Faculty Lounge

Another project we did in the past involved a custom “We are OLU” wall wrap for the welcome center. The client requested that we would do something similar for the faculty lounge. In this location, we followed the design but changed the lettering to “You are OLU.” It is an excellent reminder for teachers and builds the brand. 

Custom Wall Graphics

Why Do Schools Buy So Many Wall Wraps and Graphics?

What do administrators know that the business community is only now catching on to?

  • Low cost. For starters, there is a good chance that a fully customized wall graphic can be less expensive than having a professional painter come in and apply fresh paint. Then, you would have to invest in wall art to dress up the space and help it fit in visually with the interior decor. Custom-printed wallpaper eliminates the need for art.
  • Multi-functional. Loyal readers of our blog know that we have done numerous projects for the school. In addition to the wall treatments, there were also decals, vinyl graphics, and custom wallpaper for other locations such as the hallways, locker rooms, and gym. Our graphic artist can design a wall wrap for virtually any site in your venue. 
  • Easy to clean. Students touch the walls. There are fingerprints. Because we add a laminate, cleaning up the walls is as easy as using a sponge and mild detergent. The graphic will look as good as new. If you worry about someone defacing the vinyl wall wraps with a permanent marker, we can add an anti-graffiti laminate. 

Custom Wall Murals for Offices

Are You Looking to Buy Vinyl Wall Wraps, Graphics, or Step and Repeat Banners?

Maybe you are a school administrator needing contemporary wall wraps and graphics for schools in Orange County, CA. Perhaps you are a business owner who wants to start using custom-printed wallpaper to advertise products or co-brand with a major manufacturer. No matter what custom wall wraps and decals you need, we can help.

Wall Wraps and Graphics for Schools in Orange County CA

If you have a color palette and graphics on hand, we incorporate them. Conversely, discuss your plans with our graphics artist to customize a product from the ground up. Call our shop today to order your next wall graphics product!

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