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Custom Designed Lobby Logo Signs for Yorba Linda Real Estate Broker Welcome Visitors!

 Jan 16, 2020

Do you remember the signage we did for Reliance Real Estate Services? In the past, we did lobby signs for the company’s two locations in Fullerton and Brea. Recently, the firm relocated its Brea branch to Yorba Linda. That is when the management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the production and installation of its new custom-designed lobby logo signs in Yorba Linda CA.

Continuing a Brand Conversation in Yorba Linda

Lobby Logo Signs in Yorba Linda CA

We met with the client to discuss the firm’s signage needs. There are two brands involved. The first one is the Reliance brand that greets the consumer. The second is for Trilogy Escrow. Both have distinct brand identities that needed a customized approach.

Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs in Yorba Linda CA

Because the client liked the way Gatorfoam worked for its prior signage solutions, they requested it again for this project, too. For the Reliance sign, we used one-inch-thick black Gatorfoam that our technicians cut into the style elements that make up the firm’s name and logo. Then, we added brushed metal facings for an impressive result.

For the Trilogy brand, we began with a quarter-inch-thick acrylic panel that we frosted with vinyl. Next, we added die-cut vinyl graphics that highlight this company’s name. Finally, we mounted the panel to the wall with brushed aluminum wall standoffs.

Now, visitors to the office see both signs as they enter the location. The products expertly brand the site and continue the brand conversation that the firm began.

Multiple Lobby Signs? Sure!

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs in Yorba Linda CA

It is not unusual for companies to commission multiple lobby signs for their venues. Frequently, a firm represents more than one brand. Occasionally, a lobby is shared by several businesses, all of which need representation when it comes to signage. There are different ways of embracing this brand presentation.

Custom Lobby Signs in Yorba Linda CA

  • Lobby logo boards. Consider a uniform approach to displaying the different corporate personas. Even though they differ in color and font setups, a logo board could be the one connecting element that creates a visually harmonic display.
  • Dimensional letters. In contrast, you might decide to apportion wall space for the display of dimensional letters for each business. In this setting, you could change the material used to underscore the different brand messages. Typical material choices include acrylic, metal, and sign foam.
  • Wall graphics. If you are thinking of going big with the signs, why not set aside a focal wall for a brand presentation with wall graphics? These graphics allow for the introduction of gradient color changes, which can be ideally suited for your brand messages.

That said, you do not have to consider a matching display at all. Take a page from the playbook of Reliance Real Estate Services, and feature dimensional letters alongside another sign that uses a panel setup.

Ordering Custom Designed Lobby Logo Signs in Yorba Linda, CA

Real Estate Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

What are your current branding needs for the lobby space that welcomes customers to your location? Is your current lobby sign setup working well? Do you need to add another sign to achieve balance? Contact us today to learn more!

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