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Vinyl Logos and Wall Lettering Set the Tone for Visitors at Karate Academy in Fullerton!

 Jan 13, 2020

Frequent visitors to our blog are familiar with the American Martial Arts Academy. In the past, we handled several vinyl graphics projects for this family of schools. Besides that, we applied passenger van wraps to multiple vehicles. Once again, the team contacted us to order vinyl logos and wall lettering in Fullerton CA.

New Wall Lettering and Logos for the Lobby

Vinyl Logos and Wall Lettering in Fullerton CA

In talking with the client, we learned that the Academy had remodeled its lobby and repainted. Therefore, there was now a need for cohesive graphics that would support the company’s branding. We started with custom-designed vinyl wall lettering that emphasizes the school’s commitment to building focus, discipline, and confidence.

Vinyl Wall Logos in Fullerton CA

Other lettering projects focus on leadership and respect, which are two qualities that teachers at the school instill in students. Similarly, we created logos that focus the attention of visitors on developing brand knowledge and awareness. Lastly, we created an acrylic panel that we installed with standoffs. Its print tells the story of the school from its inception to its current setup.

Now, students and visitors to the Academy appreciate the refreshed look of the lobby. Most importantly, they are inspired by the wall lettering and connect the encouraging messages to the company’s brand.

What Could Your Business Do with New Vinyl Wall Graphics This Year?

Custom Designed Vinyl Wall Lettering in Fullerton CA

It is not just people who make resolutions for the New Year. Frequently, business owners, too, are looking for new ways to welcome customers and encourage existing buyers to remain brand loyal.

Vinyl wall graphics are a budget-friendly opportunity for shaking things up a little. They are ideally suited for large and small projects. Most importantly, they can introduce brand messages where previously there were none.

  • Lobby. Take a page from the playbook of the American Martial Arts Academy, and refresh the look of your lobby after making some changes to it. Similarly, you might consider adding lettering that spells out your corporate motto or mission. When you exchange artwork for these brand-centric displays, you introduce consumers to what sets apart your business from others.
  • Entrances. Some companies have long entrance walls or hallways. Customers must travel through these spaces before reaching the lobby or showroom. Why not take advantage of this wall space with customized wall graphics that showcase your product development, quality assurance processes, and buyers enjoying the items you sell?
  • Meeting rooms. The wall that visitors to your location face is ideally suited for a combination of brand messages in lettering and images. Highlight your commitment to customer service and product excellence. Moreover, ask open-ended questions with your lettering that your team members can then answer. Doing so is an excellent use of wall space to steer the sales conversations.

Ordering Vinyl Logos and Wall Lettering in Fullerton, CA

Vinyl Wall Logos in Fullerton CA

When you are ready to introduce vinyl images and lettering to your space, our signage shop can help. We routinely work with clients who want to explore their options before committing to a specific design or image product. When you schedule your design appointment, we can do precisely that.

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