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Custom Designed 3D Lobby Logos for Offices in Irvine!

 Apr 09, 2019

Located at 2020 Main Street, Nuxeo manages digital assets, platforms, and content. Technicians customize approaches to meet your current content services setup and projected growth. When the company needed reception area signage for its new location, a management team representative contacted our sign shop to discuss custom-designed 3D lobby logos for offices in Irvine.

Custom Color Match Impresses Visitors

Custom-Designed 3D Lobby Logo Signs

We can put your logo on the wall with custom-designed signage!

We worked with the client to put together an appearance that would wow visitors to the office. Our team started with foam that we used to cut out the individual style elements. The business chose foam because it allows for the design of single letters with a significant depth, which creates a visually appealing presentation.

Next, we reversed the logo color. Rather than having it display blue on white, we painted the lettering white so that it stands out against the blue wall backdrop. We customized the color match of the letter “X,” which catches the eye with a teal tone. Now, this reception area sign is an eye catcher in the lobby’s seating area. It stands out considerably against the dark color backdrop.

Choose Your Material with Care

Dimensional letter wall logo signs Irvine CA

Dimensional letter signs very popular in Irvine!

There is a broad range of material options open to you. Their use determines the ease with which you can present your brand message via the lobby sign.

  • Foam. Take a page from the playbook of Nuxeo, and select foam for its thickness. When you envision dimensional letters that stand out one, two, or even three inches, this material is right for you. Best of all, it is also budget-friendly.
  • Metal. Metal impresses with its subtle tones and textures. Brushed metal looks sophisticated whereas polished material use amplifies a stylish presentation. Choose from copper, bronze, aluminum, and steel. Best of all, we can manufacture cast and cut metal letters.
  • Acrylic. For a chic look that shows subtle artistry, acrylic does not disappoint. When you have highly detailed style elements with a variety of color depictions, this is the material that shows off your hues.
  • Laminates. Combining materials is possible. For example, metal or acrylic laminates look fantastic on foam substrates. You get the impressive thickness of the lettering with the chic finish that acrylic or metal offers.
  • Illumination. Lit lobby signs are now taking the Orange County business community by storm. Opt for the installation of LEDs behind a lobby logo board for a halo look. Another choice is the use of scaled-down channel letters. We can also assist with the design of a metal board with push-through acrylic lettering that illuminates from the back.

Order Custom Designed 3D Lobby Logos for Offices in Irvine

Lobby Signs for Offices in Irvine CA

Add pizzazz to your office!

What will your next lobby sign say about your company? Will it impress with its pizzazz? Our graphic artist can help you discover how to translate a brand message into an effective lobby sign that looks great. Most importantly, we can provide you with samples of the material that will give you a good idea of what the finished product will look like.

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