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Office Wall Murals in Newport Beach Complete Real Estate Developer’s New Décor!

 Apr 04, 2019

Real Estate Office Wall Murals | Newport Beach CA

Custom wall murals have the power to transform the space where you do business. Look at the transformation that the office of Real Estate Development Associates (REDA) underwent. Located at 4450 MacArthur Boulevard, the firm contacted our sign shop to commission customized office wall murals in Newport Beach, CA.

Transforming a Space with Graphics and Wall Murals

Wall Murals for Offices | Newport Beach CA

Vibrant imagery seems to jump from the wall!

We worked with the client to translate the team’s vision into a stunning set of murals. Our graphic artist designed four graphics for the new office location. The entry wall features a ghosted version of a cargo ship in port. For the three side-by-side offices, we did a warehouse image that spans from the first space to the third. It gives the illusion that you are looking at a large warehouse behind the desks. The highly detailed print of light and shadow areas contributes to the optical illusion.

Saving the Client Money is Essential

When bidding for the job, we were able to provide a cost-saving proposal that won us the project. The reason being is that we conducted the 3M-recommended wall adhesion test. As a result, we learned that the walls were ideally suited for the lower-cost flat surface wall film rather than the more expensive cast vinyl. Our team did so because we underwent the 3M preferred installer training.

Wall Murals for Real Estate Companies Newport Beach CA

Watch a video of a wall mural installation here!

The goal of participating in the training was not just to ensure perfect installations for our clients. It was also aimed at saving our clients money at the onset of a project. By identifying the material needs ahead of time, we can accurately present the options for businesses that are relying on our expertise for their product and material selections.

Determining How the Customer Interacts with Your Brand

Nothing influences the feel of your space more than custom wall murals.

  • Restaurants. Set the backdrop for your culinary presentation. You might enlist the assistance of murals to create the setting. Examples include Italian, Japanese, or French location shots to set the mood for guests.
  • Offices. Take a page from the playbook of REDA. Shape the expectations of customers directly through the images that your walls portray. In this way, you enable your staff members to build on this expectation.
  • Retail spaces. Engage customers with your brand story and its messages. Put the shopper in the mood to become a buyer by relying on wall graphics and murals to showcase your products. It is an excellent method for displaying the usefulness of the items and giving shoppers an opportunity to envision themselves using the things.

Ordering Office Wall Murals in Newport Beach

How are Office Wall Murals Installed?

Learn more about how office wall murals are installed!

Our sign shop routinely works with Orange County as well as Los Angeles County business owners to assist with the design of space transformations. We help you shape a vision for the location. Next, we translate it into prints that focus your idea even further. Finally, we install the products and we are 3M Preferred Installers!

If needed, we also assist with the selection of secondary signage elements. For example, window graphics are excellent supportive design elements for murals. Learn more about your options by contacting our team today!

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