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Eye Catching Vehicle Vinyl Graphics for Tool Distributors in Orange County

 Jun 15, 2014
Franchise box truck wraps Orange County

Great way to build your franchise brand!

Since they are located in Sycamore, Illinois, you thus far had to visit a Grainger Industrial Supply store for any SK Tools products. All this changed when Ted Nelson, the first company franchisee, came to California. Setting up shop to serve locals in Los Angeles as well as Orange County, this professional realized that getting name recognition and building the brand identity where the best ways of setting up shop.

After contacting the experienced marketing specialists at Superior Signs and Graphics, we collaborated on some great box truck wraps for Orange County streets. Being SK’s first California franchisee is a big deal, and there is a great amount of responsibility resting on the success of Ted’s franchise business. Of course, this is going to be made easier by the company’s reputation.

Commercial box truck wraps Orange County

Branding and advertising at its best!

SK has been in business for over nine decades. The rugged constructions of the tools and the lifetime warranty attached to them have endeared the products to all who use them professionally. With the help of one of our commercial truck wraps for Orange County, Ted will make SK a household name. The backdrop of the truck’s design features the famous dark green. Toward the side is a depiction of the American Flag. The other half of the display is taken up by the name of the company, its tag line and contact information on the back; we added Ted’s contact information as the local franchisee.

Box truck wraps Orange County

Advertise 24/7!

Using a branded vehicle was a smart decision for the SK Tools rep.

  • Get noticed. Studies have proven that 91 percent of onlookers notice a wrapped truck. Since the vehicle looks different from all the other automobiles on the street, it only makes sense that a wrap stands out considerably. This encourages the second – and perhaps also third – look.
  • Name recognition. With the attention comes something else that everyone wants: name recognition. Not only are consumers seeing your wrapped truck or van, but they also start to recognize the business’ name. The more they see the truck, the more they will remember you. This, by the way, is the reason why some companies wrap all of their fleet vehicles. If you get a good return on investment with one truck, imagine the name recognition that you can achieve with an entire fleet!
  • Brand awareness. How do you want the consumer to perceive your business? SK opts for a perception that includes an adherence to American values and a business model that is here to stay. Take a page from Ted’s playbook and successfully achieve a similar approach by highlighting your company’s brand.
  • Target friendly. Go to where your target demographic lives and works. Visit them when they shop at the big box home improvement store. Be there, when they have questions about tools and want more information. By being a visible presence to your target demographic, you encourage a call to your office or a visit to your company’s website. When you are targeting a particular neighborhood with print ads and coupons, you have found a great way of emphasizing your presence in the area.

We’re happy to consult with you, including providing you with all the information you need such as the materials used to create eye-grabbing box truck wraps!

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