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Commercial Window Graphics Advertise for Your Business in Fullerton, CA!

 Aug 02, 2022

Several years ago, the Superior Signs and Graphics team worked with Treebark Termite in Corona. The client liked our work so much that they asked us to handle their storefront window graphics in Fullerton, CA when that location opened. We were delighted to assist an established client!

Storefront Window Graphics in Fullerton CA

Custom Designed Window Graphics are Excellent Advertisements

The client’s new location has the advance of featuring plenty of windows. Of course, this type of business does not need display windows for products. As a result, the client decided to use the glass panes to their fullest advantage by adding custom window graphics.

Custom Window Graphics

Echoing the Message Customers See Online

We used the specs the client uses on the website to advertise the service. They include a gradient color change from white to green, feature the company’s tagline, and showcase the picture that customers are familiar with. Similarly, even if they are not, it is an immediate attention getter. 

Fullerton CA Window Graphics

Next, we direct the customer’s attention to the contact details. On two panels, we feature the website address. On the other four, you see the phone number. Look closely at the door; you see both. The final additions are the current offers that the company runs. They focus on what sets Treebark Termite apart from the competition.

The finished Fullerton, CA window graphics look great, advertise the client’s business, and get attention.

Window Wraps Versus Window Graphics

Not all window graphics are created equal. In the case of this client, we prepared window wraps. They cover the entirety of the glass, which completely obstructs the view inside. Since the windows are not needed to display products, this is an excellent option. You typically have the choice between standard and perforated vinyl. The latter allows sunlight to enter your space and lets you see outside. 

Custom Designed Window Graphics

Window graphics that do not cover the panes completely are typically fashioned from a singular color. You may see them on storefronts that display products. Pictures here can mimic the look of a frame, spell out terms such as “Sale,” and feature images that relate to the store’s products. A great example is a French bakery that features images of the Eiffel Tower on its glass panels. Customers can see around the edges of the images, letting them catch a glimpse of what is happening inside.

Combining Window Graphics with Other Outdoor Ad Options

Window graphics do not have to stand alone. Sometimes, clients ask us to design and produce secondary advertising tools. Examples include flags, A-frames, and banners. These work well to echo the message, underscore one aspect, or simply catch the eye of passersby or those walking down a sidewalk.

In other cases, clients ask us to design window graphics so that they emphasize and expand on the message the building sign sends. 

How to Order Your Next Set of Window Graphics

Do you need storefront window graphics in Fullerton, CA, or anywhere else in Orange County? We can help. If you are a returning client, we can work with the specs that we already have on file. Conversely, we gladly design the graphics from the ground up if you are looking for something completely new. Call us today to discuss your next project!

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