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A-Frame Sidewalk Signs for Curbside Pickup for Retailers in Buena Park!

 Jun 01, 2020

Millennium Clothing is a client who returned to Superior Signs and Graphics for the creation of A-frame sidewalk signs for curbside pickup. In the past, the business entrusted us with the design, fabrication, and installation of retail window wraps and graphics. To facilitate a seamless transition to opening up under California’s new health orders, it was necessary to help the retailer’s customer base adjust.

A-Frame Signs Encourage Orders and Educate about Convenient Pickup Procedures

A-frame sidewalk signs for curbside pickup in Buena Park CA

At this time, shoppers are a little confused. Some stores are opening up. Others are starting with curbside pickup only. To make it as easy as possible for the shopper to place orders and pick up the work apparel they need, Millennium Clothing decided to go with A-frames.

These are excellent options because their messages are fully customizable. Besides that, these products are durable, useful for later promotions, and movable. All these advantages combine for current and ongoing use of the signage.

Curbside Pickup Signs for Retailers in Buena Park CA

We began with a brand-centric message that features the store’s name and logo. Most importantly, the A-frame alerts the customer to the curbside pickup space that the retailer designates in front of the venue. Phone numbers are added for ordering as well as letting staff members know that a customer is ready to pick up an order. The shopper does not have to leave the car but simply waits for an associate to come out and place the order in the vehicle.

Another sidewalk sign message informs the customer of the availability of online ordering, too. With these signs displayed in front of the retailer when the shop is open, the customer has an easy time navigating the new shopping experience.

Educating the Consumer with Signage is Good Business

A-Frame Signs for Curbside Pickup in Orange County CA

Shopping now is not what it used to be. While some big-box retailers have been able to roll with the punches, other stores have had to shut down temporarily. For them, it is essential to reconnect with a customer base that might not understand how the rules are changing.

Our sign shop is at the forefront of assisting the local business community with the items they need to make it easy on the shopper to navigate curbside pickups and in-store shopping. To this end, we have designed several signage solutions.

  • A-frame signs. Take a page from the playbook of Millennium Clothing, and choose the A-frame as the dedicated sign for the curbside pickup location in front of your store. Because you can move these signs around, they will maintain their usefulness when you decide to later on host sidewalk sales or parking lot pickups.
  • Floor decals. Are you reconfiguring your interior space to assist with social distancing? While some companies have chosen to simply put some duct tape stripes on the floors, show your decision to support consumer safety with slip-resistant custom decals. We can print them in your brand colors or feature a more generic message that thanks the buyer for shopping at your location.
  • Wall panels. Available in blue and red, these aluminum composite signs are excellent choices for the bathroom, kitchen area, and the front where the consumer enters. They spell out social distancing rules, the need for face masks, or hand-washing procedures. Best of all, we can provide them as English, Spanish, or bilingual designs.

Do You Need A-Frame Sidewalk Signs for Curbside Pickup Along with Other Signage Products?

Sidewalk signs for curbside pickup in Anaheim CA

Superior Signs and Graphics wants to help. Serving the business communities in and around Orange County as well as Los Angeles County, we welcome the opportunity to assist your company. Contact us today to place an order or discuss needed signage products!

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