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Die-Cut Window Graphics Advertise Daily for Orange, CA Pet Grooming Company!

 Mar 08, 2022

Garden of Grooming is a returning client. In 2020, the management team hired our shop to do several hanging sneeze guards. When the team contacted us this year, the shop needed die-cut window graphics in Orange, CA.

A Highly-Rated Business Boosts Its Advertising in Orange

storefront window graphics in orange, ca

The groomers do business at 3702 East Chapman Avenue. They have several windows that face the outside. Because this company does not need the windows to advertise products, the management team wanted to use them to promote the services. We designed a set of images that combine letters with graphics.

Die Cut Window Graphics in Orange CA

For example, you see die-cut dog footprints and round bubbles to symbolize soap suds. Lettering that spells out “Self Pet Wash” puts the pictures into context. At the front door, the lettering spells out “Professional Pet Grooming,” which advertises another element of the company’s menu of services.

Because the window graphics feature on each glass surface that faces the outside, they create a cohesive presentation that makes the grooming salon stand out.

How to Choose the Images for Your Next Set of Window Graphics

pet grooming storefront signs

When we work with clients on the design of window graphics, there are typically various options the companies might choose from. 

  • Niche-specific images. Featuring images that underscore the niche is always a good way to advertise your services. In this client’s case, the combination of paw prints and soap suds did the trick. For a health care facility, it could be the combination of stylized bandages and a Rod of Asclepius that everyone recognizes as the symbol of medicine. We can work with images that you already own or help you select new ones.
  • Menu of services. Let your would-be customer know what you do. It is an excellent way to get more people to visit your location. Besides that, a list of services or products is a perfect option to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Corporate persona. Showcase your corporate persona. This is the name and logo, the way that customers would see it on your website. If you focus on featuring a combination of advertisements and brand-building materials, going this route makes the most sense. 

Should You Choose Colorful or White Vinyl for Your Window Graphics?

Pet grooming storefront window graphics in orange county, ca

Colorful vinyl is eye candy and die-cut window graphics in Orange CA, do the trick! However, white vinyl perfectly contrasts with the darker interior of your business. Some clients choose a brand color for some style element and leave the rest of the pieces in white. If you are unsure which display is right for you, discuss your plans with our graphic artist. We can show you what the finished product would look like before you commit to a color play or even size. 

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