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Looking For Carbon Fiber Wraps in Orange County?

 Aug 12, 2014
Carbon Fiber Wraps Orange County

The Scion xb before the carbon fiber wraps!

We recently did a Scion carbon fiber hood and rear view mirror wrap for a client. He was so pleased with the result that we wanted to make sure all of our other clients knew about the availability of Scion carbon fiber wraps in Orange County. While it is true that this type of wrap does not necessarily advertise your business with colorful decals and lettering, it makes your vehicle stand out like never before.

Carbon Fiber is Not Always Black

Carbon fiber wraps actually come in a number of colors. Examples include black, anthracite, white and bright red. What sets them apart from other wraps is the clearly visible texture that adds depth to the look of the car. This texture also enhances the attractiveness of the vehicle – no matter its make and model.

Carbon fiber hood vehicle wraps Orange County

Carbon fiber vinyl offers a classy look!

Is This for a Full Wrap or Only for Partial Wraps?

This is the type of wrap that you use to highlight the features of your car. For the Scion, we wrapped the hood and the backs of the rearview mirrors. It does not have to stop there. Some of our clients like to change the color of their cars with the use of a wrap. You can accomplish the same with a carbon fiber product. Wrapping the entire vehicle allows you to stand out and turn heads whenever you head down the street. Accent stripes might be applied to the hood, rearview mirrors and the back panels of your car. A partial wrap might include the rocker panels, the hood and the roof of your truck or car. The possibilities are endless. In fact, you might actually mix and match different carbon fiber colors in the same design!

Can This Help Me With Marketing?

You bet! Carbon fiber wraps in Orange County are sufficiently rare that your vehicle is certain to cause folks to stop and stare. The color and texture combination is highly unusual, which makes this an excellent method for advertising your product or service. While we do not like to add decals to the carbon fiber itself, we have had excellent success with the addition of a window perf that outlined the business information and seamlessly integrated with the carbon fiber look. This seemingly natural progression of wrap to perf makes the marketing message that much more powerful.

Carbon fiber partial wraps Orange County

Great look on the rear view mirrors!

Who Should Use This Material?

Who shouldn’t? This wrap material is suitable for the entrepreneur’s daily driver as well as the corporation’s fleet vehicles. There is no limit to the number of cars we can partially or fully wrap to stand out. The accents we add are just as powerful. In fact, when we accentuate the look of your vehicle with this material, it is possible to still use standard vinyl decals on the areas where there is no carbon fiber.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Started?

Call the friendly folks at Superior Signs and Graphics. We get you started with a vehicle wrap consultation where we discuss the various options that are open to you. This is also a great time to get up close and personal with the material. If you have never seen or felt the carbon fiber wrap material, you are going to be in for a treat!

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