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PBC Rebrands With Manufacturing Plant Signs in Orange County

 Aug 03, 2014
Manufacturing plant signs for Orange County

Don’t forget indoor signage when rebranding!

The practice of rebranding is not just something that smaller companies do on occasion. In fact, it is the sign of a healthy big company that adjusts its look to match the changing tastes of the consumer over the course of the decade. As a result, business rebranding signs for Orange County companies are one of the major components of the work we do at Superior Signs and Graphics. Case in point is the Pepsi manufacturing plant in Buena Park.

When the management team for the local Pepsi manufacturing plant contacted us, the professionals explained that they needed a new entrance sign. About two years ago, the company underwent a logo and name change. The name was changed from “Pepsi Bottling Group” to “Pepsi Beverages Company.” Although some signs had already been changed, there were still a few that needed to be updated. Our expert signage makers diligently matched their logo colors to ensure that the finished markers would be in compliance with the company’s logo standards.

Whether you need warehouse and manufacturing signs in Orange County or store and office markers in adjacent Los Angeles County, we can assist you with the upgrade of your signage.

Why Invest in Warehouse and Manufacturing Signs?

Merger and acquisition signs. Whether you bought a competitor’s company or joined forces with another professional in the same line of work as you, it is imperative that customers and clients are made aware of these changes. If you were to just agree on the use of one sign design over another, you might lose the customers that are looking for their familiar service provider or retailer in vain. By combining style elements of both signs or adding a second name and logo to your existing signage, you ensure that you appeal to a larger consumer base.

Warehouse signs for Orange County

Your warehouse signs also need to reflect the rebrand!


New looks. The avocado-green of the 1970s leaves the current generation of customers cold. It is not even considered retro. Rather than allowing the color choices of your building’s interior and exterior markers to date you and make you appear old-fashioned and no longer relevant, something as simple as a change in the shade of green that you use can make a huge impact. Rebranding your look every so often to adjust to changing tastes in colors and fonts is a tried and true technique that keeps brand giants looking fresh and relevant.

Changes in direction. Rebranding may also become necessary if your company changes its product lines or services menus. Perhaps the most dramatic changes that we have seen are the restaurants that change their dish lineups to reflect different ethnic tastes or even just the addition of traditional American food choices. Make the most of the name recognition that you have already succeeded in achieving by simply changing your signs to reflect the new choices that customers how have.

It all starts with a call to our rebranding experts. We gladly work with you to discover the new look that perfectly suits your company’s changing image. Then, we talk with you about your signage needs to reflect this change in look and atmosphere inside your venue as well as on the outside.

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