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Buena Park Commercial Property For Lease Signs Designed, Produced and Installed Fast!

 Apr 16, 2018

Headquartered in Glendale, UBAY Investments and Property Management LLC is a real estate company. When the management team contacted our sign shop for assistance, it needed a commercial property “For Lease” sign.

Speed is of the Essence in Real Estate

Commercial Property For Lease Signs Orange County

Fill tenant spaces faster with custom For Lease signs!

After meeting with the client, we learned that the target property is located in Anaheim. Because the firm wants to capture the attention of passersby from all directions, the team decided on a V-shaped “For Lease” sign. We used the post and panel approach for this project. The product has three posts that we painted white. This color is repeated on the sign as the print tone.

The backdrop color of the panels is blue. It features the corporate name and logo as well as the contact information of the representative in charge of the property. To heighten the visual appeal of the signage, we added a yellow color to the “For Lease” designation. It pairs well with the blue backdrop but contrasts from the white lettering that provides the information.

For Lease Signs for Property Management Companies Orange County

Add anti-graffiti coating for extra protection!

When talking about how to protect the firm’s signage investment, the company was excited to learn about the anti-graffiti laminate we use. It is a favorite of real estate firms across the county. If someone were to come and deface the sign with a permanent marker or spray paint, it is possible to remove the scribbles with a soft cloth and cleaning agent.

Working with a Sign Shop That Puts Your Needs First and Delivers

Commercial property “For Lease” signs have to be eye-catching to fulfill their functions. Consider that you might be competing against other companies in your niche. Your sign has to look pristine, provide bold color contrasts, and emphasize the information you want consumers to see at a glance.

When you entrust your signage to Superior Signs and Graphics, you work with a group of experts who take your project from inception to installation quickly. We can do so because we handle the aspects of the job in-house.

V-Shaped Property Management Signs Orange County

V-Shaped For Lease signs are noticed from all sides!

  • Graphic design. Our graphic designer works with your representative to get the look of the sign precisely right. We show you color contrasts, graphics options, and display styles to help you highlight your brand and message.
  • Latest-model print equipment. Bold colors and crisp edges are just some of the advantages that the latest digital printing and finishing equipment provides. Our signs look great in the full sun long after other shops’ signage starts to fade.
  • Anti-graffiti laminate. When you want to protect your signs from graffiti “artists,” we can help. The laminate we use makes cleanup easy and quick. It saves you a lot of money when clean-looking markers brand your firm and advertise a vacant property.
  • C-45 Contractor’s license. We do not outsource our installations. Because we have a C-45 contractor’s license, our technicians can install electrical and non-electrical signs. These include posts, pole-mounted products, and those that go directly on your building’s façade.
  • Bucket van. Moreover, we own our aerial bucket van, which eliminates the need for a rental vehicle. As a result, we can see your project through from start to finish by relying on our staff.

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