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Softball Dugout Vinyl Wraps for Santa Ana High School Show Team Pride!

 Apr 09, 2018

Vinyl wraps for schools and universities are budget-friendly methods for boosting the visual aesthetics of hallways, gyms, and sports fields. Moreover, these signage solutions brand the facilities and support the team spirit. Case in point is the Santa Ana High School.

Softball Players’ Dugouts Receive a Makeover

Softball dugout vinyl wraps for schools in Orange County CA

Add team spirit to you dugout with vinyl wraps!

Located at 520 West Walnut Street, Santa Ana High School has a long track record of excellent athletics. When the administration contacted us to discuss the installation of vinyl wraps for the softball dugouts, we visited with a representative. The school operates two softball fields. They have home and visitor dugouts. Up to that point, the back walls were non-descript.

We designed a wall wrap that features a red color, which is the hallmark of the school. In white lettering, we spelled out, “Home of the Saints” and “Saints Softball” alongside the school’s letter presentation. The color perfectly complements the red benches and roofline. It boosts the way the fields look and the impression the dugouts make on students, players, parents, and visitors.

How Vinyl Wraps for Schools and Universities Could Benefit Your Venue

Vinyl graphics for school stadiums in Orange County CA

Vinyl graphics durable for any outdoor stadium!

You do not have to spend a lot of money to create a fantastic visual impact on those coming to visit your location. There are plenty of examples.

  • Graphics for high school athletics. There are vinyl wraps for a wall of fame presentation that inspire new generations of aspiring athletes. Choose displays of the school’s mascot to drive team pride. Combine these displays with letters that spell out the team’s name and maybe also a school’s tagline.
  • Wraps for kiosks. When you take the team on the road, you probably travel with a kiosk. It contains the various game items you need for the event. Typically, you station the booth off to the side on the game field. It is an excellent reminder of your school’s team spirit while playing an away game.
  • Gym wall wraps. Dress up the long walls of your gym’s interior. Spell out the name of your team. Present an inspirational message. Recognize alumni players and greats of the sport. Because you determine the look of the presentation, it is easy to add relevance to the taglines and information you feature. Add images to underscore your words.
  • Stadium wall wraps. These wraps are ideal vehicles for recognizing corporate donors to your school. These businesses make a significant difference in the community and substantially support the sports programs of local schools. By featuring their names and logos, you can thank them for their contributions.
Athletic vinyl graphics for stadiums in Orange County

Ready to add vinyl graphics to your dugout?

Choosing the Best Graphics and Wraps for Your Location

Invite one of our business sign experts to visit your school. We take measurements and take a closer look at the wall surface. Doing so allows us to give you recommendations for lettering size. It also tells us what type of vinyl to use for best results. We work with you to put together a design that suits your brand message and the overall atmosphere on campus. Contact us today to get started on your project!

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