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Eye Catching Fleet Graphics for Moving and Storage Companies in Orange County

 Jul 25, 2016

Located at 313 North Woods Avenue in Fullerton, Man With A Van moving services are well known in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. The company is now launching its Southern California operations and contacted our sign specialists for fleet graphics in Orange County, CA.

Iconic White Print on a Red Background Becomes Common Sight in California

Fleet graphics for moving and storage companies in Orange County CA

Affordable fleet graphics!

It is hard to mistake the white on red graphics for any other outfit. In the business of moving residential or commercial clients, or hauling just about anything anywhere, the company uses high-roof Mercedes Sprinter vans with a long wheelbase. We wrapped the vehicle in a cast vinyl 3M wrap with luster laminate. Doing so allowed us to display the famous red color in a way that sun glare would not make the message difficult to read.

The white print itself consists of stylized men moving boxes – rendered as stick figures – and the company’s name and phone number as well as the website address. By adding the stick figures, it becomes clear what business niche the company occupies. Due to the sizing of the lettering, it is easy to take in the information from several hundred feet away. With the first fleet vehicle now in circulation, the company is planning to add another one for its San Diego operations shortly.

Fleet Graphics are Effective

Fleet van wraps in Orange County CA

Simple graphics get the message across!

Simple mathematics explains why one wrapped vehicle is good, but two are better. The more treated cars, trucks, or vans are part of your fleet, the more opportunities your business has to present its marketing and branding messages to consumers across the county. Take a page from the playbook of Man With A Van to envision how many heads two vans with a red wrap and highly noticeable white lettering will turn. As the company grows and adds more vehicles, its commitment to treating each with a wrap package will increase the business’ exposure among consumers.

The Same Look or Different Appearances?

 Fleet vehicle wraps in Orange County CA

Fleet wraps visible from all sides!

The majority of our fleet clients like to keep the wraps looking the same. Although we adjust the graphics and lettering for the make and model of the vehicle we are to treat, the messages are essentially identical. That said, we do have some clients who like to capitalize on a consumer’s innate curiosity. By altering each wrap just slightly – with either an additional graphic or a different tagline – they succeed in turning heads and even sending customers to websites in an attempt to verify that their earlier perception of a printed advertising message was correct.

Buying Fleet Graphics for Moving and Storage Companies in Orange County, CA

Best Sprinter Van Wraps in Orange County CA

Ready to wrap your fleet?

Contact our signage experts to discuss your need for wrapped vans, trucks, or trailers. The majority of moving companies use all these types of conveyances at one point or another. We can wrap all of them at once or gradually treat your fleet as you add new vehicles or put them into use. If you already have franchise graphics, we can work with your business office to get the specifications. When you need us to design a look from the ground up, we can do that, too. Schedule your design consultation today.

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