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Anti-Graffiti Real Estate Signs for Orange County CA

 Jan 16, 2014
Anti Graffiti Real Estate Signs Orange County

Prevent Graffiti on Your OC Real Estate Signs!

Real estate specialists Lee & Perrin as well as property management experts Milan Capital are among a growing number of companies that contact Superior Signs and Graphics for anti-graffiti signs. More and more businesses are now embracing this new signage trend. As noted by recent news coverage, illegal tagging is observed frequently in and around Orange County. The Orange County Register further reports that graffiti is a cyclical crime, which increases when school is on summer break.

Quite possibly the easiest targets for so-called graffiti artists are leasing and commercial property signs as well as the signage associated with real estate listings and construction sites. Since these properties receive limited foot traffic, which is usually only present during business hours, the temptation to deface the larger than average signs can be irresistible to thugs with permanent markers and spray paint cans. Some clients have contacted us to repeatedly replace V-shaped double signs and even post and panel style signage that has been tucked into the landscape.

Real Estate Signs with Anti Graffiti Laminate

Real Estate Signs with Anti Graffiti Laminate

Since more and more of our clients are looking for a more permanent solution to the graffiti problem, we have begun using Vandal Guard anti-graffiti laminate. The results are nothing short of spectacular.

  • Ease of use. Vandal Guard is ideal for the application to signs that sit in the full sun. It neither shrinks nor expands but can be applied directly to cast vinyl and other flat substrates.
  • Easy cleanup. If your treated sign does get tagged, Vandal Guard prevents the inks from seeping into the materials. Apply lacquer thinner or acetone to a soft towel and simply wipe away permanent marker scribbles or spray paint graffiti.
  • Durable. This is not a polypropylene coating that diminishes in effectiveness with each use. Rather, the chemicals are so durable that your sign can withstand repeated tagging attacks and subsequent cleanups.
Keep OC Real Estate Signs Looking New

Keep OC Real Estate Signs Looking New

Since your sign is almost synonymous with your professional presentation to the public at large, you cannot afford to have multiple defaced markers around properties that you represent or manage. Enhance your reputation with our attractive anti-graffiti real estate signs. Orange County’s business uses for signs treated with Vandal Guard are numerous:

  • For sale signs. If you are listing residential properties during the summer months, you know that the risk of graffiti vandalism is greatly increased. At the same time, the number of interested buyers is also on the rise. Do not let would-be buyers turn away from a listing because of an unsightly tagging that might scare them away. Visit your listings and ensure that each sign is presentable and free of scribbles before the buyers arrive.
  • Commercial real estate signs. Your company’s reputation is directly linked to the professional look of your signage. If large property owners realize that quite a few of your signs are vandalized – and do not get replaced quickly – they might hesitate to entrust you with the management of their apartment complexes or commercial properties. Protect your management company’s reputation with little more than a treated sign, a soft cloth and a bottle of lacquer thinner.

Contact us to learn how these new real estate signs will keep your markers looking fresh and new for all your property listings!

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