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Buy Custom 5S and Six Sigma Floor Decals Nationwide!

 Apr 27, 2014
5S and Six Sigma Floor graphics and decals

We customize our decals and graphics to your business!

Embracing efficiency and process improvement is a big deal for companies that are – or intend to go – national or even international. When the management of the workforce calls for multiple layers of administration at various locations, getting everyone on the same page is a necessity. It is usually at this juncture that management teams consider the purchase of informational posters and stickers related to Six Sigma and 5S. Foot decals are another great means of getting employee buy-in for the management tools.

Understanding 5S and Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a set of process improvement instruments that dates back to 1986. The ultimate goal of properly applied methodologies is excellence in all aspects of running a business. Depending on the nature of the business, this tool set incorporates anything from creating quantifiable goals to statistics-based decision making. The 5S method is similar in nature. Here, the tools focus primarily on decision making and work space organization with an eye on efficiency. Both methods are set up to allow new workers to quickly incorporate their skills for the productivity of the company.

5S and Six Sigma Footprint decals

Custom 5S and Six Sigma Footprint decals!

Getting Employee Buy-in

Every management tool is only as good as the buy-in it generates from employees. Workers at all levels must understand the tools, agree to use them and apply them to daily processes and tasks. This can be a tall order, particularly when 5S or Six Sigma represents a change in management style. When an established workforce is asked to change processes and the way decisions will be made, there is some initial resistance.

In some cases, there is also a slowness to incorporate the processes. This is usually the case when management is slow to change gears. Placards, posters, stickers and similar signs have been known to help workers remember the changes and apply them. A relative newcomer in the field of stickers is the footprint decal for the floor.

Where to Buy 5S and Six Sigma Floor Decals Online

Superior Signs and Graphics is your one-stop provider of floor graphics and decals for all of your Six Sigma and 5S needs.

Six Sigma and 5S graphics and decals

Let us help with all your 5S and Six Sigma signage needs!

  • Durable for daily footwear. Our floor graphics are made to be walked on. We understand that a wide variety of footwear will come in contact with the graphics on a daily basis. As a result, we use a heavy-duty substrate with a coating that is made to last.
  • Non-slip surface. Do not worry about our shiny markers being a slip hazard! In fact, we treat our floor graphics with a surface coating that offers slip resistance.
  • High level of customization. Which part of the Six Sigma or 5S message do you want on your decals? Do you want to include all of the tenets or only focus on one? Perhaps you want to alternate foot prints with different messages. Others have chosen to place the messages in strategic locations where different employee groups see them. By the way, did you know that we can brand these graphics to include your logo, logo colors and signage typeface?
  • Easy installation. With many of our other signs, we recommend a professional installation to achieve the right look. With these floor graphics, we have made them so easy to install that anyone can do. For this reason, we are comfortable selling them online for entrepreneurs to install in their own offices, factories and other locales.

Get your floor graphics and decals customized for your business if you employ the 5S or Six Sigma methodology at Superior Signs! Click below for a free quote!

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