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Delivery Vehicle Wraps for Fullerton CA

 Apr 24, 2014
Food delivery vehicle wraps Fullerton CA

Great for food delivery vehicles!

Vehicle wraps are not just a great idea for contractors who visit their customers’ homes to install plumbing, electrical wiring or wood flooring; in fact, vehicle wraps for Fullerton, CA, delivery businesses are just as crucial!

Pick up and Delivery Vehicles in Need of Wraps

  • Armored cars. Picking up the nightly deposit from supermarkets and other retailers, these vehicles then take the funds to their destinations. Usually, these vehicles are bulky because of the added material that contributes to the impenetrable shell of the exterior.
  • Trash trucks. Operated frequently by private enterprises, these trucks pick up trash and recyclables and take them to landfills.
  • Medical couriers. Unless your primary care physician has a phlebotomy laboratory on the premises, the professional relies on a medical courier to pick up blood samples and take them to a lab for testing.
Fullerton CA Delivery vehicle wraps

Great for dry cleaning businesses that deliver!

All these delivery vehicles have in common their roles of picking up items and delivering them to third parties. Medical couriers, trash truck operators and armored cars are usually owned and operated by private enterprises. These businesses are in competition with others who cover the same territory. Standing out and generating name and brand recognition are crucial for the success of the business.

Considering that the market for physicians needing medical couriers is probably slim, it pays to advertise with every turn of the wheel. After all, you never know when a doctor or medical office manager is thinking of setting up this business relationship and needs some names to call.

Mobile mechanic delivery vehicle wraps Fullerton CA

Graphics show off on-the-road services!

Consumer Delivery Vehicles

Of course, there are also plenty of businesses that deliver goods directly to the consumer.

  • Florists’ vans. Flower deliveries take place at private homes, the work place and at hospitals. These vans are owned by florists’ shops.
  • Package trucks. Who is not familiar with the brown color of the UPS truck? Rival package delivery businesses need to have wraps that make their trucks as iconic as those of their main competitor.
  • Parts trucks. Fullerton automotive shops deliver parts and rebuilt engines or transmissions.
  • Passenger shuttles. These passenger vans that transport children to after school programs or travelers from the airport to parking lots all benefit from wraps that brand the organization with which they are affiliated.
  • Catering or food delivery. Graphics and wraps are great for restaurants and caterers that delivery food to the end consumer!
Pizza delivery vehicle graphics Fullerton CA

Your pizza delivery van will get noticed!

Affiliated with retail or service businesses, these delivery vehicles target a broad consumer base. Unlike the companies that target the commercial customer, there are more consumers who would – or could – benefit from the services of the residential delivery business. Moreover, there is frequently a retail location tied directly to the truck or van that is taking products to customers.

Branding the trucks or vans is therefore connected to generating name recognition for the business and branding its products or services. As such, these delivery vehicles are extensions of a business, much like catering is an extension of a restaurant’s business model.

What a Wrap Should Accomplish

Name recognition, branding and advertising are the three distinct goals of a wrap. The professional design, manufacture and installation of the vinyl sheets is therefore of highest importance. The wrap acts as a mobile billboard that takes the marketing message to potential customers and clients who then reach out to set up a professional relationship or make use of the business’s products and services.

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