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3D Wall Logo Sign Adds Branding to Santa Ana Offices!

 Nov 16, 2020

When customers look for financial planning, they head to 200 Sandpointe Avenue, which is the office of Lifestyle Financial. From there, the firm works with individuals, families, and businesses. When the company needed a 3D wall logo sign in Santa Ana CA, for the office, its management team contacted our sign shop to handle the project.

Acrylic + Vinyl Overlay Print = Full Customization of a Detailed Sign

3d Lobby Logo signs in anaheim

Our technicians received the project specs. One of the style elements is a logo featuring a highly detailed tree as the image. We were able to create this look with the help of our office machines. Technicians began by cutting out the style elements from durable acrylic.

entry wall logo signs in cerritos

They then painted the letters and logo shape in the client’s custom green color. Next, we printed a matte finish vinyl overlay that displays the tree image in minute detail. Our specialists mounted it to the custom-shaped logo portion of the sign. The final touch is the small lettering below the three-dimensional pieces, which we manufactured with die-cut vinyl.

Now, visitors to the space see the brand-centric wall logo sign with its lettering right underneath it. It is an excellent method for creating brand awareness because it reminds the customer of the firm’s online presence.

What is the Advantage of Using Imprinted Vinyl Overlays?

3D wall logo sign in Santa Ana CA

For the business that uses gradient color changes or intricate details as part of the corporate symbol, we prefer to imprint a vinyl overlay that we then mount to a custom-cut shape of the logo.

  • Vivid color play. Vinyl accepts color with ease. In some cases, this makes it a better option than a direct imprint on a different substrate. Because you want colors to pop, we like to use vinyl.
  • Durability. We customize the installation of the vinyl to ensure the durability of the medium. This way, you benefit from the long-lasting colors we use to paint the substrate and the laminate that we select for the overlay. Superior adhesion ensures that there is no peeling.
  • Removable. Did you know that our technicians can remove the vinyl overlay from your logo display? If you are toying with the idea of rebranding, this is a significant advantage. Rather than redo your entire sign when only the corporate symbol changes in color or size, you only pay for a laminate removal and the design, manufacturing, and installation of a new laminate.

How Could Customers Interact with Your Brand if You Had a 3D Wall Logo Sign in Santa Ana, CA?

office wall logo signs in irvine

The three-dimensional display of a sign in your foyer is an immediate attention-getter. It commands attention. There is no doubt that the customer has arrived at the correct place. However, the advantages go further than that. Because the sign is substantial, it assists with reinforcing brand awareness and knowledge.

Your customers combine an understanding of your corporate symbol with information about your products or services. This is an excellent method for generating name recognition. See how the look and feel of your signage could change by connecting with our experts today!

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