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Lobby Logo Sign Material Options in Irvine, CA!

 Aug 11, 2020

Is there a way to welcome customers with upscale but still budget-friendly lobby signs? Lobby logo signs in Irvine CA have many material options. Not only do they look fantastic, but their makeup also ensures that you have plenty of money to spare. What are the choices?

Flat-Cut Acrylic Impresses with Precision Designs

Lobby Logo Signs in Irvine CA

Our technicians frequently work with acrylic sheets ranging from 1/8 inches in thickness to about an inch. Cutting individual style elements with the router guarantees eye-grabbing precision of the display. Besides that, we paint the letters and logo pieces in your unique colors.

Choose a high gloss finish or opt for matte paint. The latter is a good option when the sign will display in full sun or right underneath bright lights. Because acrylic lettering is movable, this sign could travel with you when it comes time to change offices.

Brushed Aluminum Lettering Offers a Striking Brand Message Option for Lobby Logo Signs in Irvine CA

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs in Irvine CA

Is there anything more elegant than the display of metal letters? Metal letters are a great choice for lobby logo signs in Irvine CA. Of course, some metals are more expensive than others. Stainless steel and copper, for instance, can be costly. However, brushed aluminum offers a budget-friendly alternative that nevertheless looks fantastic and checks all the boxes for a contemporary and elegant display.

Brushed Metal Logo Signs in Irvine CA

Depending on the sizing of the letters you envision, we assist with the selection of the thickness. Choose a colorful finish or keep the brushed aluminum for an upscale appeal. Some clients have had excellent success with lettering that features painted returns.

Foam with Brushed Metal Faces Makes Contemporary Elegance Affordable

Foam 3D Letter Lobby Logo Signs in Irvine CA

Are you just starting out in business? Maybe you are a newcomer to the local business community and need to hit the ground running. Then again, you might have to keep a close eye on the budget because you want to outfit the rest of your office with signage.

Office 3D Letter Logo Signs in Irvine CA

If this sounds familiar, know that you do not have to compromise. Foam letters are the ultimate choice for budget-conscious buyers. They look fantastic, allow for thicknesses of up to three inches, and lack none of the elegance when you combine the foam body with brushed metal faces. Your customers will not be able to tell whether your sign is made through and through of metal or something else.

Wall Panel Signs with Brushed Aluminum Wall Standoffs Bring Versatility to the Mix

Pin Mounted 3D Lobby Logo Signs in Irvine CA

So far, we have addressed the production of dimensional letters for your Irvine office. However, there is also the option of the wall panel. Frequently, our technicians produce these products by starting with an aluminum or acrylic board.

Custom Office Lobby Logo Signs in Irvine CA

We cut it to size so that it fits perfectly into the space you have allotted for the display. Next, we help you decide on the right lettering. Some clients choose to add dimensional letters, while others favor an imprinted vinyl overlay. Finally, we mount the product with brushed aluminum standoffs to the wall. They turn the board into a classy presentation.

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Branded Lobby Logo Signs in Irvine CA

Have we piqued your interest in exploring different material choices for your lobby logo signs in Irvine CA? Connect with our specialists today to learn more!

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