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Secure One Capital Invites With Window Graphics and Lobby Sign in Orange County!

 Oct 19, 2014
Lobby signs for banks Orange County

Lobby signs welcome, invite and brand!

Located at 555 Anton Boulevard in Costa Mesa, Secure One Capital Corporation specializes in treating mortgage borrowers to a personalized banking experience. There is little of the anonymity that is so prevalent among the big banks. Rather, the company believes that stellar customer service – when combined with excellent financial products – is the real way to customer satisfaction. When it came time to outfit the reception area with one of the lobby signs for financial institutions in Orange County, the bank contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Adding Window Graphics and Lobby Signs

After discussing the company’s branding and marketing needs, we manufactured a lobby marker that complements the color of the wall to which it is attached. The use of two colors draws attention to the logo as well as the lettering. The sizing is perfectly chosen to fill the space but not be overly imposing. Meticulous centering ensures that the sign completes the lobby’s look. But we did not stop there. The customer had seen the window graphics for banks in Orange County. Adding them to the interior window panes aesthetically enhances their looks and provides a bit of separation to the work stations that are situated behind the glass.

Window graphics for banks Orange County

Window graphics great for lobby window panes!

The combination of markers identifies a financial institution where the bank’s name is not imposing but rather part of a harmonizing whole. The branding message is clear: Customers matter the most. Is this the kind of message that you are hoping to get across with your lobby sign as well? We can help!

Choose the right material

Acrylics are superb for all types of business settings. They are versatile, come in a rainbow of colors and present with highly polished or matte finishes. For the old-fashioned business in the financial sector, metal lettering may be more appropriate. Metal hints at longevity, which is an important consideration in this niche. Foam is inexpensive and useful for the creation of the highly desirable three-dimensional markers.

PVC Lobby signs Orange County

Painted PVC letters really stand out!

Pick your colors

Choose the colors that you have selected for your website’s name and logo display. This helps online shoppers to feel right at home when they visit your lobby. After all, the majority of smart phone users now shop around online for their service providers and retailers before actually making their selections. If you are just starting out, talk to our friendly lobby sign experts. We gladly get you set up with a great color scheme that complements your office space and also looks interesting on the Internet.

Complement your lobby sign

Customized office signs that take a cue from the look of the reception area marker are a necessity. While window graphics are excellent when you have plenty of glass panes to work with, we can also add wall murals, wayfinding signs and other signage solutions that show your venue in its best light.

We gladly work with the artwork that you already have. When you are unsure what material choice is best for your business and venue, let us show you some of the material samples that we keep on hand.

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