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Advanced Stone & Tile Brands With Van Graphics in Orange County

 Oct 16, 2014
Contractor van graphic Orange County

Van graphics will get your contractor business noticed!

What is the buzz about contractor van graphics? Orange County niche service provider businesses are getting far more serious about having their work vans or trucks treated than ever before. If you have been sitting on the sidelines and wondering if perhaps you should add some to your vehicle, now is the time to act. Case in point is Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations. Located in Anaheim, this company offers grout cleaning services as well as the restoration of a wide variety of natural and treated stones. Serving the counties of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego, the professionals realized that they needed to become more visible at their job sites.

This is when Superior Signs and Graphics got the call. We discussed the various options with the client and decided to add contractor vehicle vinyl lettering. Orange County contractors have come to favor this setup because of the ease with which they can add marketing information to their – usually white – vehicles. Serving as the perfect background color for this purpose, Advanced Stone & Tile’s van was indeed the right hue, and we went to work. We started with a black strip at the bottom that displays the name of the company’s website in white. A thinner blue strip separates it from the white color. There, we added lettering that identifies the company’s license number, its phone number, the fact that free estimates are part of the deal and niche-specific services.

Contractor vehicle vinyl lettering Orange County

Vinyl lettering for contractors engages viewers!

The company’s name and easy to identify logo are placed on the window. There, the multi-colored logo stands out. When you take a closer look at the detailed decal and lettering job, it is clear why this type of setup is a must-have for any contractor. What makes this particular lettering arrangement so successful?

Incorporating the Term “Free”

Consumers like free stuff. When contractors offer free estimates, homeowners are a lot more interested in talking to you than when you charge by the hour to evaluate a job that you want to bid on. By displaying this information in red, it is impossible to be overlooked.

Defining the Niche

Notice that this contractor highlights not just some of the most common stone types currently used in residences or commercial properties, but the team also requested the display of some of the most frequent services consumers request. This gives motorists or pedestrians an idea what this company does and how it could benefit them.

Contractor van lettering and decals Orange County

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Logo Display

This one is an absolute must-do. By displaying the logo and company name in the same manner as consumers see it on the website, instant name generation is a given. When potential customers shop online for the services they are considering, they remember the logo and name of the business. Conversely, they might see this van in a neighbor’s driveway, check out the website address that is also mentioned on the van and then go online. With the matching logo, it is clear to the customer that she or he has come to the right place.

When you are ready to take a page from the playbook of Advanced Stone & Tile, talk to our experienced van lettering professionals.

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