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Warehouse and Receiving Signs and Graphics for Orange County and Los Angeles County Businesses

 May 08, 2016

Located at 14141 Alondra Boulevard in Santa Fe Springs, Dynamic Worldwide is a transportation service that handles distribution and warehousing as well as international freight forwarding. With facilities in the United States, China, and Vietnam, the business has a strategic set of warehouse spaces available. Some of its properties also carry the City Trends name. When the management team contacted our professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics, the representatives needed to discuss warehouse and receiving signs and graphics for Los Angeles County.

Putting Together the Signage Suite

Warhouse and receiving signs in Los Angeles County CA

Point the way with these wayfinding signs!

We started with post and panel signs that display the Dynamic Worldwide name. Located at the Alondra Boulevard location, this directional product makes it clear that the entry to the warehouse complex is for trucks only. A second sign displays at a different location with the same message. We added an arrow to make it clear for motorists where their cars are not supposed to drive.

Warehouse and receiving signs Orange County CA

Guide visitors to the correct location!

The Citi Trends deliveries sign is a wall-mounted product that highlights the requirements for vehicles to use the loading dock. It also states the hours of operation, which ensures that drivers time their access to the venue accordingly. Another sign displays at the loading dock, where it alerts delivery truck drivers that workers only accept freight via dock level vehicles.

Combining Logistics and Safety for Uninterrupted Operations

Loading Dock signs for Warehouses in Orange County CA

Don’t forget loading dock signage!

It may seem overly cautious to separate trucks from passenger vehicles or refuse access to trucks that do not meet the loading dock height requirements. Doing so, however, ensure the drivers’ safety as well as the smooth operations of the dock. A vehicle that is unfit for the dock requires special handling, which quickly throws off the schedule for the operation. When trucks are lining up and space it tight, the temptation to cut corners increases and accidents can happen. Spelling out the rules ahead of time makes the most sense.

Does Your Warehouse and Receiving Area Spell out Standards?

Warehouse receiving signs in Los Angeles County CA

Be sure to point out delivery areas!

With safety in mind, do you have the right signage to ensure that visitors, drivers and workers follow your protocols? Although signs cannot guarantee compliance, they are powerful reminders of your standards.

  • Floor graphics. Available in all sizes and shapes, these products spell out your messages to workers and visitors who are in your facility or its adjacent structures.
  • Wall panels. We recommend the use of vinyl-clad aluminum panels to display the information that those entering your property need to know. In a warehouse setting, this may refer to areas where hardhat use is a requirement. Or, in the case of a transportation company, it could spell out access for deliveries.
  • Wayfinding signs. Post and panel signage is an excellent setup for the display of wayfinding information. Companies with large properties benefit from the installation of multiple signs to assist drivers entering from various directions to find the right access point.

Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about the warehouse and receiving signs and graphics for Orange County, CA, as well as for facilities in neighboring Los Angeles County.

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