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Low Cost Vehicle Graphics for Security Patrol Companies in Brea CA

 May 04, 2016

We like to forge business relationships that last. Case in point is Golden Eagle Bail Bonds. Not too long ago, this company ordered a vehicle wrap for its Scion XB. Our graphic artists created an eye-catching design that perfectly brands the business. Now, this company is branching out into the security patrol business. Its new enterprise is Patrol Pros. You find the office at 1215 West Imperial Highway in Brea. This time around, the management team contacted us to create a set of die cut vehicle decals for the car associated with the company.

Low Cost Vehicle Graphics for Security Patrol Companies in Brea, CA

Vehicle Graphics for Security Patrol Companies in Brea CA

Low-cost graphics will get noticed!

The business uses a Prius for its tasks. The client already had graphics for the company’s new venture, but they needed to be redone to facilitate a crisp look when enlarged and printed for display on the side of the vehicle. We used dark blue and black, which contrasts perfectly with the white color of the car. The company’s name and phone number display on the sides while the website address and the company’s abbreviated name show up on the Prius’ back. Even though we used superior 3M vinyl for the manufacture of the graphics, we were able to save our client a substantial sum of money. For a new business just starting up, this is an unbeatable advantage.

Hitting the Ground Running with Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics for Security Patrol Companies in Orange County CA

Large letters make it easy for viewers to see your contact info!

Studies prove time and again that consumers notice vehicle graphics and form a favorable opinion of the companies that use them. For many entrepreneurs, the notion of treating a work truck, van or car with a graphics package is a seemingly daunting proposition. Worried about the expense, these business owners spend their advertising dollars differently, which may not always yield the best possible results.

When you invest in mobile marketing even before you put together a website or outfit a storefront, your generate name recognition and brand awareness among your local consumer base while in the process of getting ready to open your doors. Doing so has the added advantage of marketing and branding your business wherever likely customers congregate. If you target a particular neighborhood or area, being a visible presence can make a huge difference in the response you get when following up with print ads and coupon flyers.

Vehicle graphics for security businesses in Orange County CA

Boosts your brand and name recognition!

The budget-friendly nature of a basic graphics package even makes it possible to treat multiple vehicles. Once the orders start coming in, and your advertising budget expands, consider trading up to a partial or full wrap for even higher visibility of your enterprise. Fleet operators in particular usually start in this manner. Rather than investing in one full wrap and leaving multiple vehicles untreated, they will initially display a graphics package that identifies the company’s name and niche on the majority of cars.

Discussing Your Mobile Marketing with the Pros

Whether you need low cost vehicle graphics in Brea, CA, or in any of its surrounding cities, we can help. Contact our professionals today to discuss the design of a graphics package that presents your business and product to the public.

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