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Wall Wraps and Graphics for Police Departments in Los Angeles, CA!

 May 27, 2024

About five years ago, our team designed, fabricated, and installed a Ford Explorer vehicle wrap for the Whittier Police. The goal was to recruit new officers. Because they saw the product’s success, they invited us to return and put up police force wall wraps and graphics for their gym.

police force wall wraps and graphics in los angeles, ca

Wall Graphics and Wraps for Local Municipalities

After discussing the project with the client, we learned that the Department was looking for a wrap displaying a large flag with a blue line. This symbol represents compassion and support for the nation’s police officers. Our designer added the Whittier Police badge to the wall’s center. The finished wall wrap perfectly suits the location and can even serve as a backdrop for vlogs.

custom wall wraps for police departments in los angeles, ca

Working with Police Forces and Municipalities around Los Angeles and Orange Counties

We have worked with several organizations to create wall wraps and graphics. A great example is the Fullerton Police Department’s sports bar-themed conference room, the Choir Room. It is a two-story location with a typical sports bar setup. The client was looking for wall wraps and graphics to create a suitable ambiance. Concurrently, the images honor famous cops and those who lost their lives in the line of duty. 

The Anaheim Police Department needed wall graphics to set the tone for its training rooms. In this setting, our team used a digitized graphic of an officer’s arm patch and developed a decal. We then combined the graphics with lettering that noted the training room’s use for combat and suspect submission instruction. 

It is interesting to note that we also work with contractors serving police departments and municipalities. A case in point is Brookhurst Auto Tow, which works with the Buena Park Police Department and the City of Buena Park. The company needed a vehicle vinyl wrap that featured the eye-catching Google Maps Earth view of the city. It is an excellent way to brand the company’s vehicles and stand out. At the same time, it underscores the tow company’s ties to the city.

wall murals and wraps for municipalities in los angeles, ca

What Goes into the Design of Police Force Wall Wraps and Graphics?

Our graphic artist routinely works with clients looking for a combination of organization-specific design elements and a way to feature them effectively that will also look great at the location. We have found several approaches that work well.

  • High-resolution graphics for decals. One of the most important aspects of wall wraps for police organizations and cities is using a photo identifying the group. A decal is ideally suited for this project. We always work with the highest-resolution image possible to get great results.
  • Minimalist designs. Rather than looking for ornate presentations, these clients favor fewer design elements that nevertheless mean a lot. Examples are the photos of hero police officers. 
  • Organization-specific colors. The color palette of a city or department can never go wrong. We can incorporate it into your design or build a wrap around it.

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