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Google Maps Image on a Vinyl Wrap Gives Cool New Look to Buena Park Tow Truck!

 Dec 28, 2017

Tow Truck Wraps | Buena Park CA | Orange County CA

Brookhurst Auto Tow is the official towing company of the Buena Park Police Department and the City of Buena Park. This enterprise is also a repeat customer of Superior Signs and Graphics. A short while ago, we helped Brookhurst with wrapping its tow truck and displaying stunning depictions of an American flag and bald eagle. The wrap is detailed, eye-catching, and looks fantastic. Now, it was time to up the ante with a new vinyl wrap in Buena Park, CA.

A Google Map Image as a Vehicle Vinyl Wrap? You Bet!

Tow Truck Wraps | Buena Park | Orange County CA

A look at the truck before the wrap!

The company’s management team had a great idea for wrapping its newest truck. The group wanted to do something unique that would highlight its professional affiliation with the city. When consulting with our client, we learned that the business had decided to have us wrap the truck’s cab with a Google Maps earth view of the City of Buena Park.

To say that this graphic is detailed would be an understatement. Our graphic artist got to work and downloaded a high-resolution version of the map. We selected the right area and transformed it into a printable image. Because we use the latest print technology at our shop, the graphics were crisp with sharp lines and popping colors. Because the map serves as the backdrop of the wrap, we used die-cut printed overlays as informative portions to display the corporate name, logo, and contact information.

Wraps for Tow Trucks | Buena Park | Orange County CA

A closer look at the Google Map!

Truck Wraps | Buena Park | Orange County CA

Yep, that’s a swimming pool!

When you look at the wrap from a distance, it almost appears as though the vehicle has a camouflage setup. However, as you get even a little closer, you notice the detail work. Taking your eyes off the truck is difficult! It is fair to say that this is something you just do not see every day.

Selecting a Wrap Package that is Right for Your Company

To take your nondescript work vehicle from sporting a white paint job to featuring something as intricate as a Google Map display – or something else altogether – comes with an array of customization options. Pick a full wrap, which covers every inch of your vehicle’s exterior. It allows you to present your advertising and branding messages with maximum coverage.

Vinyl Truck Wraps for Tow Trucks | Orange County CA

A great way to brand and market!

A partial wrap is a great option when you want to incorporate the vehicle’s color into the design. Select a three-quarter, half, or one-quarter display. Augment the effectiveness of any wrap product with perforated vinyl window covers for the rear and rear side windows. Doing so lets you continue your message without visual interruption for window space. Your driver can still see out, but anyone on the outside sees your ad message.

Does Your Business Still Need a Vinyl Wrap in Buena Park, CA?

Custom vinyl wraps for tow trucks in Buena Park CA

Ready to wrap your tow truck?

If you were to join the mobile marketing revolution in Orange County, what would that do for your business? Imagine taking the message out into the various neighborhoods. In fact, if you are thinking of expanding your service territory, this is an excellent way of doing it. Contact us today to find out how we can make your business stand out in all the right ways with a vehicle vinyl wrap!

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