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Wall Wraps and Graphics for Distribution Centers in Riverside County, CA!

 Nov 20, 2023

Amazon invited us to return and do more wall wraps and graphics for distribution centers in Riverside County, CA. In the past, we were at the location to put together entrance wall graphics, a set of wall graphics for the distribution center, and a mission statement wall wrap for the office. This project would assist the client with the relocation of the PXT room.

custom wall wraps and graphics in riverside, ca

Amazon’s People, Experience, and Technology (PXT) Room Moves

After being functional for a while, the client determined that the established PXT room was too noisy for employees to communicate effectively. So, Amazon opted to relocate the room next to the lunchroom and the locker room area. Our team wrapped two large walls with custom-printed wallpaper.

It features white and purple on black print. One wall displays plenty of icons and symbols. This wall will have kiosks placed against it, so we left the wall area wrapped in a solid color. Our installers used the shop’s scissor lift to reach the tops of the tall distribution center walls. The finished product immediately changes the space’s ambiance, making it an excellent new PXT room for the client.

custom wall murals and graphics in riverside, ca

Creating Visually Appealing and Informative Wall Graphics for Distribution Centers and Warehouses

Wall wraps serve various purposes, from branding to safety awareness. However, unlike the typically smaller walls of an office, what are some things you could put on your warehouse walls? 

  • Safety guidelines. Clients use walls to display important safety guidelines and protocols. We recommend the combination of high-contrast colors to feature elements like icons and infographics for easy understanding. In warehouses, in particular, safety guideline displays are excellent uses of wall space.
  • Interactive elements. Did you know that you can use static walls to communicate changing information? Incorporate QR codes or interactive features that allow visitors or employees to access more information. Provide access to training materials, company news, or other relevant content.
  • Facility map. Our graphic artist will help you create an easy-to-understand map of the distribution center layout. We use color-coded sections or icons to represent different areas, making navigation simpler. For new employees or for spaces with confusing layouts, this information will save workers time.

Which Custom Wall Murals and Graphics Are Right for Your Location?

wall graphics for distribution centers and warehouses in riverside, ca

Besides the ideas already discussed, consider the addition of logo displays, product showcases, motivational quotes, and environmental graphics. Visually appealing wall wraps and graphics for distribution centers in Riverside County, CA, will change how your employees interact with the space. Make it more functional and enjoyable. Call us today to discuss design options!

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