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Entrance Wall Graphics Welcome Employees and Visitors to Amazon Warehouse in Riverside County, CA!

 Aug 07, 2023

We completed the entrance wall graphics project for the Riverside County Amazon warehouse. Last month, we began the project with wall graphics for distribution centers. We then followed up with wall murals and decals for conference rooms. This latest round of warehouse wall graphics finishes the entrance. Look closely; the largest wall we wrapped was the 75-foot wide entrance wall that all associates and visitors see immediately upon entering the building. It turned out great and makes a fantastic first impression.

warehouse wall graphics and decals in southern california

Custom-Designed Wall Graphics Create a Great First Impression in Business

Wall murals and graphics significantly impact how potential clients, partners, and employees perceive your company. Well-designed and strategically placed murals, decals, and graphics convey your brand’s identity, values, and professionalism. 

  • Distribution center themes. For this project, we selected pieces for murals and graphics that resonate with the industry, company mission, and target audience. For your business, consider themes that showcase innovation, creativity, collaboration, or any other key aspects of your company. Full project customization ensures that the graphics are suitable for your needs.
  • Space assessment. Our technicians assess the physical space and identify areas where murals and graphics would have the most impact. Reception areas, conference rooms, and hallways are often great locations for such visuals. For Amazon, the primary site for warehouse wall graphics was the entryway, which would be the initial point of contact.
  • Storytelling. Use wall murals to tell a story about your company’s journey, values, and achievements. A narrative element can engage visitors and leave a lasting impression. You might also choose the space to introduce the team’s persona. In the case of Amazon, you see mentions of the Wolf Pack all around the facility. 

wall graphics for distribution centers in southern california

Beautify Distribution Centers in Southern California

For a long time, warehouse wall graphics and decals were primarily functional. They might have been used for instructions or safety messages. However, center operators are discovering that using budget-friendly graphics changes the utilitarian appearance of the venues to one that promotes teamwork, fun, and brand-building.

For example, incorporate your brand’s colors and logo into the graphics to reinforce your brand’s identity and recognition. Because we use high-quality 3M materials for your murals, they will remain looking great for years. Also, they clean up easily, which makes them suitable for entryways. 

custom designed wall graphics for distribution centers in southern california

Besides that, highlight key messages, slogans, or taglines encapsulating your brand’s essence. Most importantly, as your business evolves, update or refresh wall murals and graphics to reflect new achievements, milestones, or messaging. Entrance wall graphics are an excellent medium to accomplish these goals. Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

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