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Wall Wraps and Graphics for Colleges and Universities in Los Angeles, CA!

 Dec 04, 2023

At Superior Signs and Graphics, we welcome the opportunity to build long-lasting business relationships with our clients. Rio Hondo College is an excellent example. Before our most recent project of wall wraps and graphics for schools in Los Angeles, CA, we had the opportunity to collaborate with this client. The projects include door wraps and graphic panels, wall graphics and decor, word clouds, and wall wraps with education themes.

wall wraps and graphics for schools in los angeles, ca

Building on the Custom Wall Graphics for Schools and Universities We Designed, Produced, and Installed Last Year

The project we did for Rio Hondo College last year included some of the same elements the client requested for this year’s project. The school changed its logo this year, so the timing for the updated wall wraps and graphics is perfect. We again used high-resolution photos of students and graduates to personalize the product. These graphics are upgrading the atmosphere of the Business Department and its lecture rooms. 

college and university wall graphics in los angeles, ca

Top 5 Advantages of Using Wall Wraps and Graphics in College Classrooms 

Why do educators invest in school and university wall graphics? We have determined five distinct advantages after working with several clients on similar projects. 

school and university wall graphics in los angeles, ca

  1. Enhanced learning environment. Wall wraps and graphics create a visually stimulating environment, which makes classrooms more engaging and conducive to learning. It helps students stay focused and interested in the material teachers present.
  2. Student identity. Fully customized wall wraps often showcase the college’s branding, motto, or achievements. It reinforces a sense of identity and pride among students and faculty. Besides that, the use of photos personalizes the experience of learners.
  3. Inspiration and motivation. Inspirational quotes, images, or graphics related to the subject inspire and motivate students. It creates a positive and encouraging atmosphere for learning. Moreover, it introduces new learners to how industry greats think about the topics that matter to them.
  4. Subject customization. Different classrooms feature wall wraps displaying other subjects and themes. We customize wall wraps to suit the specific needs of each area, creating an environment tailored to the subject and the students’ needs.
  5. Easy updates and changes. If a client needs to change information or update a classroom theme, wall wraps offer a relatively easy and cost-effective way to make these modifications. Compared to traditional methods of repainting and adding artwork, our team can make the changes – quite literally – overnight.

Ordering Wall Wraps and Graphics

custom wall graphics for schools and universities in los angeles, ca

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with any wall wraps and graphics for schools in Los Angeles, CA, and the nearby OC. We always consider the specific needs of the educational institution and incorporate the preferences of students and faculty to maximize the benefits. Call us today to find out how we could help transform your classrooms and lecture halls!

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