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Wall Graphics Add to Décor at Rio Hondo College in Whittier!

 Aug 29, 2018

Motivational Wall Graphics for Colleges in Whittier CA

Rio Hondo College is a destination for learners in the Whittier area. Located at 3600 Workman Mill Road, the community college offers a wide variety of associate degrees as well as certificates. A large number of these degrees come with a transfer guarantee to California State universities, which makes the school tremendously popular with money-savvy young adults and recent high school graduates. Recently, the college’s administration contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of wall graphics in Whittier, CA.

Inspiring Learners with Attractive Wall Panels

Motivational wall graphics in Whittier CA

Wall graphics and decor offer motivation!

After meeting with our client, we learned that the administration envisioned the design and installation of these messages all around the campus. We pinpointed five different locations that would be ideal. Next, we put together the wording that we then printed on quarter-inch-thick PVC panels. Mounting them with brushed aluminum standoffs added pizzazz to the display.

Now, students see panels with whimsical fonts and color combinations in study areas, labs, and near entrances. Our team ensured that the colors would match perfectly with the tones of the wall and surrounding interior décor. At the same time, the panels stand out and create a visually pleasing atmosphere that addresses students.

Addressing Students, Employees, or Consumers with Wall-Mounted Products

High resolution prints and wall graphics Whittier CA

High resolution wall graphics durable and vibrant!

Productivity, brand buy-in, and advertising are just a few of the functions that wall-mounted signage can affect. Case in point is the customer service motto that a call center displays on the focal wall of its facility. It is an expression of the brand message that targets the employee who is in direct contact with the customer. As a result, it creates a brand buy-in and influences the actions of workers.

You can also achieve brand buy-ins with timelines that you might place on the hallway walls of your facility. There, the images and words address the customer. Some business clients have asked for wall panels as well as graphics that would boost productivity or create advertising opportunities in a lobby setting.

Our team can use your graphics or find stock images that work well for your niche. Whenever possible, we suggest incorporating information from your website. Since it is one of the premier ways that individuals interact with your brand, you ensure the creation of brand knowledge and awareness in this manner. Another move to consider is the support of wall panels with other signage solutions. Examples include window graphics or retractable banners.

Do You Need Wall Graphics for Colleges or Business Settings?

Custom wall graphics for colleges in Whittier CA

Wall graphics inspire your students!

Our sign shop can help. We assist you from the start of the project with the initial design. Our graphic artist can incorporate ideas that you already have or create something entirely new from the ground up. We offer suggestions with respect to sizing, material use, and overall presentation. Frequently, our clients invite us out for a site survey, which enables you to take measurements and ensure color matches.

In fact, contact our sign shop today to schedule your appointment! We gladly show you hands-on what we could do at your location.

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