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New Aluminum Letter Building Sign for Huntington Beach Manufacturer Makes a Statement!

 Dec 19, 2016

Icera has built a solid reputation in the bath interior niche. Marrying eco-friendly materials to sophisticated styles, the company succeeds in providing superior quality to the discerning customer. You can now find the company at 14520 Delta Lane. Before moving into this larger setting, the business operated out of a Santa Ana facility. When the enterprise’s management team decided to commission aluminum letter building signs for Huntington Beach, CA, a representative contacted us to discuss the project.

Assisting Icera with a Professional Building Sign

Dimensional letter building signs in Huntington Beach CA

3D Letters a great look for buildings!

After meeting with the client and conducting a site survey, we realized that the first step had to be the removal of the previous tenant’s sign. That company had opted for foam letters, which we dismantled. To prepare the wall for the installation of the new marker, we cleaned and painted it to look like new.

Now, it was time to fabricate the aluminum letters that would become the business’ new sign. Our technicians worked with quarter-inch-thick aluminum featuring a brushed facing. We painted the cross streak of the letter “A” in the customized blue shade that matches the business’ online logo presentation. Standing 37 inches tall on the façade and stud-mounted for an impressive display, these letters present with one-inch standoffs for a more pronounced 3D appearance.

Dimensional Letters Impress with Versatility

Tall building letter signs installed in Orange County CA

Our aerial van allows for exterior building sign installation!

Our clients have had excellent success with the use of dimensional letters as building signs. Aluminum is a favorite selection because it is lightweight, weathers exceedingly well, and allows for larger displays. The presentation of a brushed facing is one of the most commonly chosen appearances. Other finishes include polished and anodized looks. Although painting the material is most certainly possible – as we proved when adding the blue tone to Icera’s presentation – most companies prefer to showcase the metallic hues. (If you would like to see what other materials have to offer, we gladly discuss the use of acrylic or outdoor-rated sign foam with you.)

Continuing the Presentation with Other Signs

Aluminum letter building signs in Orange County CA

A look at the building before the new sign was installed!

You do not have to limit yourself to the building sign when you like the look of dimensional letters. For example, did you know that we could repeat the appearance of the product on a monument sign, too? Business owners like the idea of showing again the look of a building sign in this way. Of course, we do have to adjust the sizing of the letters to suit the smaller surface. A relatively new movement that is starting to catch on is the continuation of the look on the inside as well. For example, a lobby sign could also feature aluminum dimensional letters, albeit in a size setup that makes sense for the wall space available for the display.

Buying Aluminum Letter Building Signs for Huntington Beach, CA

Buy aluminum letter building signs in Orange County CA

Our aluminum letter building signs shine!

If we have piqued your interest in adding the pizzazz of metal letters to your storefront, facility, or retail location’s building front, contact our business signage experts to discuss the project. We help you decide on the ideal material, its presentation, and height.

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