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Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Shops Wraps Concession Kiosk

 Aug 20, 2015

Once again, the graphic artists from Superior Signs and Graphics headed to the Cal State Fullerton campus for a client consultation. After handling the stadium and concession area vinyl wall wraps as well as the book and student store LED sign, it was now time to upgrade the look of the concession kiosk. Vinyl wraps for Orange County vendors and sports teams make it possible to take these kiosks on the road and identify the brand they are supporting.

Wrapping the Titan Kiosk

Concession stand kiosk wraps Orange County

The Titan Shop staff with newly wrapped kiosk!

This mobile unit is part of the Titan concession shop. It sells hats, shirts, sweatshirts and other Titan gear that appeals to sports fans and parents of athletes. When the Titans play or there are campus events, this kiosk is out and offering branded merchandise. The base color of the wrap is orange, which offsets the blue color of the “F” logo letter and the name Titan Shops as well as the website address.

In addition, the mascot’s face is impossible to miss. It is interesting to note that this movable kiosk started out as a plain black utility cabinet on wheels. Now, it markets and brands the Titans even on the interior. Opening up the kiosk reveals that its top flap also displays the mascot’s face, which signals to anyone across campus that the kiosk is open for business.

Concession Stand Kiosk Wraps Fullerton CA

The kiosk before the vinyl wraps!

Wrapping Movable Stores

You see them in malls, in airports and around shopping plazas. They are stores that are self-contained in carts and ready to be moved into their assigned locations within minutes. Open up a few flaps or remove a few boards, and the stand is open to consumers. These are add-ons to the commercial venues the location accommodates. They appeal to shoppers because they usually carry specialty products that the other stores do not stock. Examples include high-end sunglasses, sports watches, fan gear or jewelry. Occasionally, these movable stores also offer pre-packaged food.

Kiosk Wraps Orange County

Now this kiosk is an advertising machine on wheels!

Advertising the store quickly with a minimum of movable parts and signs is a necessity. When the store is put in its right location, there is not a lot of space to devote to signage. This is why a wrap makes the most sense. It displays the company’s colors and logos. In addition, the wraps offer contact information for those interested in purchasing products online or becoming franchisees of the business. The wrap functions as a way of positioning the brand in the shopping environment while appealing to shoppers who may have never interacted with the company before.

Going Beyond the Stand

Wrap your concession stand in Orange County

Exact color matching? No problem!

Of course, you can also apply wraps to brick and mortar stores that are firmly in place. Perforated vinyl window graphics allow light from the outside to enter the store, let folks on the interior look outside but present shoppers on the exterior with a colorful marketing message. They cover the windowpanes of a business. When there are no windows to take advantage of, a standard wall wrap does the trick. We can apply it to all types of walls – even the ones with pronounced grout lines and grooves. Whether you need concession stand vinyl wraps in Orange County or store wall wraps, call us today to get started.

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