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Wall Graphics for Placentia Karate Academy Add Character and Support the Business Theme

 Oct 03, 2018

Wall Graphics for Martial Arts Academies Placentia CA

The American Martial Arts Academy is a long-time client of our sign shop. In the past, we designed, manufactured, and installed van wraps as well as custom vinyl window graphics. Because the company operates locations in Fullerton and Placentia, we ensured that the signage displays would be cohesive at both venues. This time, we created new wall graphics for the Placentia, CA, location.

Die-Cut Wall Graphics Beautify a Dojo and Inspire Young Martial Arts Learners

Wall Graphics Martial Arts Studios Placentia CA

Boost the confidence of your students!

We worked with the client to put together a set of die-cut vinyl images that would appeal to young martial artists as well as the adults who train at the dojo. Our graphic artist focused on pictures of Chinese lettering, karate belt ranks, and school quotes.

These graphics not only create visually appealing displays, but they also communicate the brand message that the karate academy wants to get across. Now, prospective and current students consistently take notice of what is expected of them. They understand the values that the school stands for and how they move up the ranks by following these precepts.

Add Visual Appeal to Your Venue’s Interior

Wall Graphics Installation Placentia CA

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Whether you operate a martial arts studio, an accounting firm, or a retail establishment, there is a good chance that your location could benefit from the installation of wall graphics.

  • Beautify the location. Blank walls are not attractive. Occasionally, business owners succeed in using wall art to dress up the interior of a facility. However, you can save a lot of money by choosing vinyl graphics instead. They are fully customizable for any business environment.
  • Reinforce a brand message. Whether you decide to display a tagline, a corporate motto, or a color combination, the graphics will imbue the interior with your brand communication. Doing so reinforces the message that your exterior signage and print ads present. Frequently, we can add secondary signage solutions to boost this presentation.
  • Communicate value. Why should the consumer do business with you? Underscore the importance of your brand, location, or product. This display helps to establish a common ground that you and the customer share. Making the buying decision gets a lot easier when the shopper buys into your message.
  • Encourage the sale. In the retail environment, the upsell is crucial. Use die-cut wall graphics as point-of-sale signs that help buyers find additional products to heighten their enjoyment of a particular item. These graphics can be left in place year round.

Ordering Wall Graphics for Placentia, CA

Wall and Window Graphics for Martial Arts Studios

Add color to your graphics!

Have we piqued your interest in finding out how a new wall graphics setup could change the look and feel of your location? Our team will work with you to put together a powerful graphics suite that makes the best use of the space you allot. We can treat one wall or multiple surfaces. If you like, we gladly coordinate displays between various locations as well. Moreover, when you already have other signage solutions in place, we ensure that the graphics complement the messages they present.

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