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Brushed Metal Lobby Sign on Accent Wall Adds a Touch of Class to Investment Company’s Los Angeles Offices

 Oct 02, 2018

Doing business locally at 11100 Santa Monica Boulevard in Suite 550, PineBridge Investments is a global asset manager. The firm is a thought leader in its niche. When a representative of the management team contacted us to discuss the design and installation of a brushed metal lobby sign in Los Angeles, we knew that the product had to be superior in every way.

A Lobby Sign That Encapsulates Brand Message Details

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs Los Angeles CA

Brushed metal lobby signs reveal professionalism!

PineBridge Investments succeeds in keeping an eye on global events. Doing so requires creativity alongside a commitment to long-term longevity in the market. This is a powerful brand message that has to come out in its signage.

Together with the client, we selected half-inch-thick acrylic for the lobby sign. Our technicians clad the material with brushed aluminum faces. Next, we mounted the dimensional letters to the half wall that serves as a focal point for the office.

Although the firm has been at this location for a while, this is the first time that it put up a lobby marker. Now, when customers visit the venue, they immediately notice the bright lettering against the green wall backdrop. The elegant signage fits in perfectly with the overall atmosphere and décor of the office setup.

Incorporating a Lobby Sign with Your Interior Décor

Brushed Metal Wall Signs Los Angeles CA

Brightens the wall in your entryway!

It is not that unusual for a company to have been at a location for a while and only later decide to put up a permanent lobby sign. In this situation, there are frequently other signage products in place. Moreover, you typically have an interior setup that already creates the right setting to welcome customers.

Fitting a lobby sign into this environment can be tricky. Of course, when you work with our sign shop, we will make it happen.

  • Choose a display. Opt for a lobby logo board if you want to draw plenty of attention to the signage. Dimensional letters are ideally suited for blending in with the backdrop and taking advantage of whatever space you can allot to the product.
  • Pick your material. Typically, boards feature acrylic as the base. Dimensional lettering may take on many different forms. Examples include acrylic, metal, PVC, sign foam, and similar products.
  • Consider illumination. Lighting is becoming more common for lobby signs now. Usually, clients request it with lobby boards. However, it is also possible to accommodate your desire for illumination with dimensional letters.

How to Order Your Brushed Metal Lobby Sign in Los Angeles

Brushed Metal Logo Lobby Signs Los Angeles CA

Add your logo to the sign for more brand impact!

Take a page from the playbook of PineBridge Investments, and invest in a brushed metal lobby sign. It combines the look of sophistication with the message of longevity in your niche. Moreover, the product fits in beautifully with your already existing signage products. Besides that, it catches the eye and fulfills all the requirements of an impressive marker.

Invite our team to visit your location for a site survey. We will take measurements and discuss the best use of the space for the lobby marker. If you want to repeat its appearance in a conference room, we can consider the specs for this setup at that time as well. Contact us today to get started on the project!

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