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Vinyl Truck Decals Advertise for Herb’s Asphalt Business in Anaheim

 Jun 21, 2016

Herb’s Asphalt does business out of a shop at 2856 East Standish Avenue. The company handles asphalt work for residential and commercial venues, including industrial setups. The experts also deal with concrete and slurry work. When the business’ owner bought a new pick-up truck for the firm, he decided to sell his old one. Since it had a graphics package installed, Herb contacted us for its removal and the installation of a new package on the Dodge Big Horn truck.

Installing Vinyl Truck Decals for Businesses in Anaheim, CA

Vinyl Graphics for Pick up trucks in Anaheim CA

Adding graphics to your pick-up truck brands your business!

While talking with the client, we learned that he continues to get new business from his vehicle graphics. Not surprisingly, the installation of a new package on his truck was of paramount importance to this savvy company owner. Since his new truck is black, we focused on the use of yellow and red colors, which stand out the best. The tailgate features a road roller and a curving street. The company’s name displays in red lettering, which is also true for the phone number. A niche explanation and a website address show in white. These style elements repeat on the truck’s sides.

Anatomy of a Successful Graphics Package for a Vehicle

Vinyl Graphics for pick-up trucks in Orange County CA

Decals, graphics and more all advertise your contractor company!

Whether you use a van, truck or car for your business, having the right graphics package makes a huge difference. Have you ever wondered what it takes to present the kind of setup that catches the attention of a broad range of consumers – and inspires a good portion to act?

  • A prominent phone number display. Perhaps the most important aspect of your vehicle’s graphics package is the presentation of your phone number. This is one style element that needs to be easily legible, which means the use of a contrasting color and a font that is easy to read.
  • A website address and name. Your business’ name and a website address are of importance, too. When discussing vehicle graphics with start-up companies, we usually recommend buying a domain name that replicates the name of the business. Speaking of business names, consider having a moniker that incorporates your niche.
  • A niche explanation. Take a page from the playbook of Herb’s Asphalt. Although the name is self-explanatory, this business owner takes no chances and incorporates job-specific equipment imagery as well as spelled out information that highlights the line of work he is in.

Optional Add-ons

Vinyl Graphics for Tailgates on Pick-up Trucks in Orange County

Don’t forget to add graphics to your tailgate!

Of course, there are plenty of add-ons that can help your graphics package to stand out even more. For example, some business clients have asked us to add a QR (quick response) code, which lets passersby access a specialized landing page for their companies. Doing so has the additional benefit of engaging the consumer almost immediately via a website that you have optimized to be of interest to those inquiring about your service. Converting these types of website visitors into qualified leads is a snap.

When you are ready to explore further the advantages of installing vinyl truck decals for businesses in Anaheim, CA, contact our graphic artists for assistance. We gladly help you find out what these products could do for your company in particular.

Don't forget to add graphics to your tailgate!

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