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Electrical Box Vinyl Wrap Adds Theme to City of Buena Park’s Firehouse 61!

 Jan 09, 2020

Our sign shop not only works with companies and private clients, but we also serve municipalities. A case in point is the City of Buena Park, which recently contacted us to discuss the printing and installation of vinyl wraps for electrical boxes in Buena Park.

Beautifying the City – One Electrical Box at a Time

Vinyl wraps for electrical boxes in Buena Park CA

You have undoubtedly noticed the electric boxes near the stoplights in the area. They ensure the proper operation of the traffic signals. However, they do not add a lot to the overall ambiance of the city. Not surprisingly, other cities have already begun dressing theirs up.

Some work with artists to painstakingly hand-paint them. Others work with wrap companies that design floral themes or leaf patterns. Buena Park had a different idea. Because it planned for the first treated box to be adjacent to the new fire station on La Palma Avenue and Western Avenue, next to Knott’s Berry Farm, the city created a unique design.

Wrap city electrical boxes in vinyl

Here’s a look at the electrical box without the vinyl wrap.

It features a red background and Dalmatians, which are symbolic of fire stations. Since the city already had the design, our sign shop did not have to assist with this aspect of the project. Instead, we took the client’s specs and repositioned the style elements as necessary to create an attractive coverage product for the electrical box.

Now, pedestrians and motorists appreciate the whimsical design that makes the functional box look much more appealing.

Does Your Municipality Need Signage or Vinyl Wraps?

Electrical Box Vinyl Wraps for Cities in Orange County CA

Once wrapped, these electrical boxes beautify the city!

Work with an experienced sign shop that understands the importance of finishing a project on time and budget. Besides that, we offer a broad range of product solutions that help cities beautify their spaces, assist residents and visitors with wayfinding, and provide economical solutions to a variety of needs.

A good example is the beautification of exterior structures with vinyl wraps. The material is inexpensive, which makes it suitable for large-volume product generation. Moreover, it is fully customizable. Use your designs or have our graphic artist assist you with the look of the finished display.

What You Can Do with Vinyl Wraps for Electrical Boxes in Buena Park CA?

Unusual Vinyl Wraps in Buena Park CA

Take a page from the playbook of the City of Buena Park, and commission a wrap to disguise a functional eyesore. Many business owners have them on their properties and have attempted to diminish the distraction with landscaping. A wrap is far quicker and does not need regular maintenance.

Of course, we don’t just wrap utility sheds, electric boxes, and similar items. Besides these, our technicians also cover cars, trucks, vans, and golf carts. Some clients have asked us to treat their garage doors for a great new look. Others have hired us to transform large gym walls into depictions of team spirit.

Vinyl wraps are ideally suited for continuing a brand conversation or beginning a brand story with prospective customers. You can add eye-catchers to your property in the forms of treated walls and other functional items. Similarly, you can ask us to wrap your store windows to advertise products or services.

Connect with us today to find out more about your options!

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