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Vinyl Graphics Brand Commercial Box Trucks in Buena Park, CA!

 Jan 30, 2023

Making a brand statement does not always involve a full vehicle wrap with all the bells and whistles. Sometimes, it can be just as effective to feature targeted 3M vinyl graphics for box trucks in Buena Park, CA. InfuseDesigns is the perfect example of what this looks like.

custom 3m decals and lettering for box trucks in buena park, ca

Die-Cut Vinyl Graphics for Box Truck Installation Introduce the Company to Fellow Vendors

This client is a heavy hitter in the wedding events industry. Having won multiple awards, the business finds its name mentioned in numerous bridal publications. Rather than advertise its services, this client wanted to boost its brand recognition, particularly at venues and among other vendors. 

When this business sends staff members to set up a venue, it relies on a box truck for transporting materials. As a result, the client needed decals and lettering for this box truck that would be highly visible when parked at a wedding or other event venue. 

decals and lettering for box trucks in buena park, ca

Our graphic artist focused on simple branding using 3M premium cast vinyl. Die-cut vinyl graphics spell out the company’s name, services, contact information, and the date of its establishment, which points to longevity in the niche. It is an ideal message to convey to other vendors and property managers. 

Box Truck Decals and Lettering are Budget-Friendly for New and Established Businesses

Depending on the message you want your vehicle graphics to send, decals and lettering might be sufficient. It is generally a great idea to feature full-color wraps or graphics packages for product advertisements. Decals can often be just as effective when you are looking to reinforce or build a brand.

3m vinyl graphics for box trucks in buena park, ca

For example, when you want to underscore the services your company offers or the product lines you represent, you can do so with die-cut letters that become the focal point of the design. It is a fantastic method of differentiating yourself from others in the field. Moreover, the letters offer the details that prospective customers need to know when looking for a specific vendor. 

Not surprisingly, newcomers to a brand alongside long-established companies rely on vehicle letters and decals to get out the word about what makes them different. They also recognize the value of showcasing brand information on a delivery vehicle. Last but not least, remember that you do not have to limit your display style to monochromatic setups. Instead, there is plenty of opportunity to add colors from your corporate palette.

box truck decals and lettering in buena park, ca
Do You Need 3M Vinyl Graphics for Box Trucks in Buena Park, CA?

You may be looking for a graphics product that fits well on a semi-truck, trailer, or another vehicle you use in your business. We can help. Our graphic artist has designed vehicle graphics and wraps for countless vehicle styles and business purposes. Call us today to learn about your options, request a quote, and schedule a design appointment!


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