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Orange Family Dental Care Brands With Door and Window Graphics in Anaheim!

 Aug 21, 2014
Vinyl door and window graphics Anaheim CA

Door and window graphics fabrication!

Dentist door and window graphics in Anaheim, CA, have a huge effect on the consumer. It is a common misconception that going to the dentist is a scary task. Moreover, there are few patients who actually look forward to this type of event. As a result, professionals have been fighting back by underscoring the importance of oral health care and also by showing that there really is nothing scary about visiting your local dentist. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, these professionals heavily rely on visual clues to make their statements.

Window Graphics for Dental Offices

Case in point is Orange Family Dental Care. This office’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for the manufacture and installation of window and door graphics. Orange County consumers now appreciate the mix of informational displays as well as friendly depictions of happy patients. We created two larger window graphics with a blue backdrop. The first shows a happily smiling family with multiple generations being represented. The second displays a cartoon tooth with a big smile. It also brands the location and offers the provider’s full name and telephone number.

Window and door graphics Anaheim CA

Vinyl graphics direct, inform and advertise!

For the door, we did a much smaller decal of the tooth. We also created informative graphics that highlighted the office’s hours of operation. Even a patient who is usually nervous about going to the dentist now has to admit that the appearance of this office is welcoming, friendly and professional. We can achieve the same kind of results for your business with our door and window graphics. Orange County health care offices, retailers and other service providers routinely look to our graphics to put their best foot forward when initiating the dialog with the consumer.

Using Vinyl Graphics to Brand and Advertise

We understand that each type of business needs its own set of graphics to truly make a difference. For example, this dentist was going for the real life but also a whimsical approach. For you, it may be a more artistic take on a subject or even just a no-frills strict informational display. Door graphics that display contact information and business hours are a must have for the company that hopes to bring in new clients. Colorful photos add a marketing dimension to the mix that can be highly effective when paired with mailers or brochures.

Vinyl window and door graphics Orange County

Order your window graphics today!

Do not allow your window panes to remain blank! You are already paying for the walls and glass, so why not put them to work? In fact, we have the capabilities of not only adding decals and graphics but also perforated displays that allow light to enter your place of business while also advertising your product or service. Make your storefront stand out with this type of a display! Much like a billboard, this type of marketing product is at eye height with the consumer, which greatly enhances its effectiveness. If you are not using your windows to display products, this is a great way of nevertheless turning them into show-and-tell pieces for the business.

Talk to our knowledgeable door and window graphics experts today for more information on the many branding and advertising options that are open to you.

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