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Vinyl Decals and Lettering Brand Veteran Movers Cargo Trailer in Orange County, CA!

 Sep 19, 2022

Doing business from its offices at 4501 West MacArthur Boulevard, Veteran Movers LLC sends fully insured and bonded professional residential movers to your home. They are industry experts who offer a flexible pricing system that makes moving affordable. Because trucks and trailers feature foremost in the course of doing business, the client wanted commercial trailer graphics and decals in Orange County, CA, when they added a new trailer to the fleet. 

Commercial Trailer Graphics and Decals in Orange County, CA

Taking Advantage of a Perfectly Designed Logo to Get Attention

Veteran Movers uses a perfectly designed logo that incorporates the company’s name. Its color palette and construction include 3D elements and gradient color changes. The client emphasized that they wanted to focus on the phone number to get prospective customers to call.  

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