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New Dimensional Lettering for Monument Sign in Irvine, CA!

 Sep 20, 2022

Customers visit TOPGREENER, a high-tech electrical company, at 1772 Reynolds Avenue. There, they find help with Wi-Fi switches, integration of Alexa in home automation, and more. Recently, the management team determined it was time to put up some new 3D monument sign lettering in Irvine, CA, and called us to assist with the project.

3D Monument Sign Lettering in Irvine CA

A Perfect PMS Color Match Results in a Brand-Centric Monument Sign Refurbishing

Our team took on the signage overhaul to bring the existing structure into harmony with the client’s brand message.

  • Uninstalling existing letters. The first step in any 3D letter sign refurbishing is to uninstall what is there.
  • Sign cleaning. Secondly, the structure undergoes a good cleaning. Pressure washing is typically a good idea unless the material manufacturer indicates otherwise.
  • Repainting. Although it is not always necessary, adding a fresh coat of paint is a good idea. Since the surface is free of obstructions and has just been cleaned, it makes sense to freshen the colors. A perfect PMS match ensures an excellent brand representation.

monument sign before lettering install

While this is going on, our graphic artist is working on the design of the three-dimensional letters. The client had selected acrylic, which is excellent 3D lettering for exterior signs. Besides that, the material is a favorite for companies in the tech sector. With the font selected, and the spacing calculated, technicians now cut the letters from half-inch-thick acrylic.

A Two-Color Match Ensures a Successful Brand Focus

We paid close attention to creating the perfect color match. It looks identical to what customers see online and in the office. Using a satin finish paint adds elegance to the monument. It contrasts beautifully with the matte finish of that paint. The final step was the installation, which followed the example set by the numerals. A flush mount gives the product a clean, attractive look and makes the presentation easy to read.

3D lettering for exterior signs in irvine, ca

Monument Sign Refurbishing Saves Clients Money

The monument sign is an excellent marketing, branding, and wayfinding tool. It targets customers who may be approaching the business from the road. Concurrently, it lets you advertise your presence, particularly when your property is located away from the curb. With something this important, it makes sense that the sign must look its best.

Of course, being this close to the road, monument signs weather more rapidly than building signage. However, because they are afraid of the expense, business owners do not want to do any work on the sign. Many clients were unaware that instead of a complete redo, we could just freshen or refurbish a structure that is still in good shape.

3D monument sign lettering in irvine, ca

Do You Need New 3D Monument Sign Lettering in Irvine, CA?

Superior Signs and Graphics specializes in designing, producing, and installing 3D lettering for exterior signs. Check out the monument sign before the lettering install, and notice that we ensured perfect sizing. We can do the same for you whether you select acrylic, metal, fabricated plastic, or something else altogether.

If you are unsure whether we can turn your monument sign from drab to fab, invite us to come out for a site survey. We evaluate the structure and give you an estimate. Call today!

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