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Vinyl Decals and Graphics for Commercial Truck Fleets in Orange County!

 Feb 05, 2018

Vinyl decals and graphics for commercial fleets in Orange County

Last month, we discussed the work we did for Fenn Pest & Termite Control. This company contacted us for custom designed fleet vehicle graphics. The business had invested in new trucks that included utility shells. After meeting with the client, we put together a product solution that featured thee-quarter vehicle wraps.

Treating a New Type of Vehicle for Inclusion in the Business’ Fleet

When Fenn Pest & Termite Control’s representative contacted us this time, it was to discuss the design of a new set of vinyl decals and graphics for commercial truck fleets in Orange County. But this truck differs from the other fleet vehicles. Instead of a shell, it comes with a locking tonneau cover.

Partial Truck Wraps for Fleets in Orange County

These partial truck wraps…

Gradient partial wraps for commercial trucks in Orange County CA

…match the graphics we did for their other vehicles!

Our challenge would now have to be two-fold: we had to come up with a different graphics product. Moreover, it would have to feature a consistent design theme. We did so in three steps.

  1. Partial wrap installation. We wrapped the sides of the truck’s bed as well as the tailgate. Next, we also applied the wrap to the tonneau cover. The shells of the original set of vehicles were large and incorporated the company’s name and tagline on the back. Here, we used the tailgate to continue the look.
  2. Die-cut decals for the cab. Because the truck’s original paint job fits in perfectly with the design, we preserved it for the cab portion. There, we applied the decals. The look is identical to the setup of the other fleet vehicles.
  3. Gradient color change. When you look closely at the trucks, you notice the gradient color change that marks the shift from wrap to paint. This is the same for both types of vehicles.

Incorporating Vinyl Decals and Graphics for Commercial Truck Fleets in Orange County

Commercial Fleet Graphics Programs Orange County CA

Now this is branding at its best!

Fleets typically consist of trucks or vans of the same make and model. This setup makes wrap designs easy. Each vehicle is the same size and features the same curves and required cutouts for windows. However, when you combine different types of trucks or vans, it gets a bit more complicated.

Good wrap design practices ensure that consumers become familiar with your brand message. When identical displays are impossible, there must be features that are the same for the various vehicles. For Fenn Pest & Termite Control, we ensured that the gradient color change is an integral part of the design. The placement and appearance of the decals are identical as well. By focusing on perfect color matches next, it was possible to present customers with the blue and red that they have come to expect from the company’s brand presentation.

How to Order Fleet Wraps

Partial Truck Wraps for Fleets in Orange County

Learn what fleet graphics can do for your business!

If you have been thinking of investing in a commercial fleet wrap and decals combination, we can help. Whether you are working with one vehicle style or a mix of cars, trucks, vans, and other conveyances that are part of your fleet, we can create a design theme that encapsulates your brand message. Prospective customers and current clients alike will be able to pick out your vehicles and recognize your marketing.

Contact us today to discuss your next set of Orange County fleet wraps!

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