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Graphics and Wall Murals for Schools in Orange County!

 Jan 31, 2018

Graphics and Wall Murals for Schools in Orange County

We have done a lot of work for Orange Lutheran High School over the years. There were vertical pillar banners, directional signage, and gymnasium wall graphics to name a few. Recently, the school’s administration contacted us to discuss the design and installation of additional graphics and wall murals for schools in Orange County.

Die-Cut Wall Graphics Transform a Plain Athletics Training Room

Wall Graphics for Schools in Orange County

Add vinyl lettering to enhance the atmosphere of any space!

This set of graphics would boost the visual aesthetics of the athletic training room and the hallway that leads to it. We used red lettering in keeping with the school’s overall branding. By highlighting the presence of the school’s hall of fame, inspiring students to up their game is easy. Adding the graphics transforms the utilitarian training room into a part of the school’s athletic department. The change looks excellent and gives the venue a finished feel.

Graphics and Murals are Budget-Friendly Solutions for Any School Wall

Wall Murals for Schools in Orange County CA

Wall murals great for gyms!

It is not necessary to take a huge chunk out of the school’s budget to dress up the walls of an educational facility. In fact, wall graphics, wraps, and murals impress students and faculty alike while providing visually stimulating locations on campus.

University sports teams. Wrap the school’s mobile kiosk with the mascot’s likeness as an easy advertising tool during home games. Remember also to wrap the wall of your ticket booth. Subliminal images add depth to a dark backdrop color. It makes the team’s name and logo splash.

Stadium graphics. Welcome parents and players with wall graphics that show vignettes of the school’s athletic program. Doing do underscores your school’s commitment to sports and athletes’ development. Inside, consider the display of stadium wall wraps that may show donor information and encourage local businesses to continue support of your teams.

Vehicle and Truck Wraps for Schools in Orange County

Add vinyl wraps to school vehicles!

Truck wraps and van decals. Identify the vans and trucks that pick up donations for your school’s various programs. Full or partial wraps, as well as decal and lettering combinations, let you take advantage of the mobile marketing revolution.

Classroom wall graphics. Spur on students to aim higher and aspire to go on the honors track. A word wall that spells out the attributes of a scholar can be a great motivator to the learner who wants to challenge her or himself.

Vinyl wall graphics for schools in Orange County CA

Decals, graphics and logos also stand out!

Of course, there are plenty of other options for graphics at your venue. For example, did you know that floor graphics work well for younger children? They also add splashes of color to otherwise monochromatic settings. Support the messages you display by adding banner stands that you move to the areas where you need them. Display banners that explain your school’s mission, feature its colors, and thank donors for their support.

What Could You Do with Graphics and Wall Murals for Schools in Orange County?

Vinyl Wall Lettering and Logos for Schools in Orange County

Vinyl can make your athletic program shine!

If we have piqued your interest in finding out what your school could do with this budget-friendly technology, discuss your questions with our graphic artists. We help you envision areas at your venue with a new look. These could be problem walls, areas that are too big for other types of artwork, or surfaces that have a few too many scuff marks to be attractive. Contact us today to learn more!

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