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Vibrant Wall Murals for the Sant Nirankari Mission in Norwalk CA

 Jul 21, 2015

Located at 13906 San Antonio Drive, the Sant Nirankari Mission in Norwalk is the location of a spiritual movement that seeks to unite humankind. Believing that this type of unity is vital for humanity, the group respects all types of religions as well as spiritual movements under its belief of world peace and unity. Its leader urges members to “strive for unity in diversity, not uniformity.” To remind the faithful of this vision, the organization contacted the graphic artists at Superior Signs and Graphics to design, manufacture and install one of our wall murals for Norwalk, CA.

Displaying a High-resolution Image

Wall murals for churches in Norwalk CA

Welcome with wall murals in Norwalk CA!

We relied on 3M matte vinyl with a matte laminate to display the image. Digitally printed on three vertical panels, the mural of the religious leader now measures 10 feet in height and 12 feet in width. Although a bank of lights right above the mural could have presented a challenge, we headed off any potential problems by selecting the matte laminate. The image looks great on the wall and now becomes a visual focal point for those walking into the group’s foyer.

What Could a Mural Do for Your Location?

Whether you manage the look of a spiritual center, a church or any other type of faith community, you cannot go wrong with the display of wall murals. Less expensive than many other forms of wall art, these murals are ideal for multiple uses.

How are wall murals installed

Installation of the wall mural!

  • Add color to a location. Whether it is your foyer, sanctuary or children’s ministry spaces, murals add splashes of color to any room. This makes for a welcoming and colorful look.
  • Inspire the faithful. Display the image of your religious leader, a beloved minister or a likeness of a hero in the faith. In the alternative, you may select a mural that highlights a verse or inspirational saying such as a motto or vision statement.
  • Provide donor recognition. Many religious groups rely on the generosity of donors to keep their doors open and programs funded. Recognize those in your congregation with a mural to which you can add new names.
  • Tell your history. Whether you are part of a relatively new movement or have been in place for decades, tell the story of your congregation with a timeline that spreads over multiple wall surfaces. This is not something you can achieve with other signage products.

When you rent or own a venue that allows you to apportion rooms for specialty usage, why not use wall murals to provide use-appropriate images and messages? For example, you may have an area where brides get ready for the walk down the aisle, a room where you hold banquets and holiday celebrations and administrative spaces where those in charge of finances work. Beautify each area with apropos murals.

Wall murals for churches in Orange County

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Commissioning Your Church Wall Murals in Norwalk, CA

Contact our specialists to schedule a client consultation. We visit your location, take measurement and take stock of the wall’s makeup. It is possible to apply vinyl murals to walls even if they are not in the best of shape or feature deep grout lines. Call us today to get started.

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